About Us

When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality. - Joe Paterno

Who We Are ?

FrozenShard Games was founded in September 2012 in Barcelona. Its goal is to create competitive free-to-play mid-core games. Our main project, (World War II: TCG) was released on July, 2014 and players from all around the world on iOS, Android and Steam are playing it.

The Studio has already shipped 5 titles, all of them being TCG's and is already working on future projects.
The idea of ​​creating FrozenShard was born in Paris in 2007 when the founding members Christian Gascons, Marc Tormo and Isidro Téllez were working in the world's leading video game producer Blizzard Entertainment, then their took the initiative to create their own studio.

Meet The Team

FrozenShard team is composed of members with outstanding industry experience and have been part of two of the most important video game companies, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (developer of Warcraft games, Starcraft or Diablo) and Digital Chocolate (Galaxy Life, Tower Bloxx, Millionaire City) now Ubisoft studio. The resources and capabilities the company are an experienced management team, solid projects and innovative and adapted to market needs vision.