WW2 Tournament

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Tournaments information

Creating a Tournament with a Prize Pool
  • - All tournaments must be free and public.
  • - Frozenshard will be only contacted by the organiser (1 person) via email ( to approve the tournament so we can set up all the information in the website, and for any further communications.
  • - A minimum of 8 players is required to create a Tournament.
  • - There's a limit of 1 Tournament per month. (This limit can be increased after we see that we can manage all the process without any issue in the following months)
  • - Tournament must have a starting and ending date.
  • - Tournament must have a minimum prize pool of 25USD (plus taxes). Frozenshard will help with the prize pool by matching the amount received up to a maximum of 100USD. As an example: a tournament that starts having received 50USD will have a total prize pool of 100USD (50USD from players + 50USD from FrozenShard), and another tournament that starts having received 300USD will have a total prize pool of 400USD (300USD from players + 100USD from FrozenShard)
  • - Other players besides the organiser have the the option to crowdfund the tournament to increase the prize pool.
  • - After getting the approve from Frozenshard, the organiser must post all the information and rules of the tournament in Official Tournament's thread in the forums.
  • - The organiser is fully responsible to manage the entire competition, Frozenshard will not be in any case involved in any decision or issue that may occur.
  • - This is a player tournament driven, Frozenshard will only be responsible to deliver the rewards at the end of the tournament. (it can take up to 2-3 business days)
  • - Frozenshard reserves the rights to review and cancel any tournament in the case of finding any inappropriate behaviour or actions that don't strictly follow the game's terms of use.

Important Note: In the event of receiving any funds after the tournament, we will save the amount given for the next sponsored tournament, also all the extra funds received by the players will be added to the prize pool following the rewards information pattern given by the organiser.

Information Required to be received from the organiser
  • 1) Short description of the tournament
  • 2) Date (start/end)
  • 3) Rewards and percentages for each position: at least the 3 first positions are required to have a reward. Please be as accurate as possible. The available rewards are: Cards (Rare, Epic and Legendary), Basic/General/Marshal Chests (of any edition if they exist) and Faction Chests.

Submission form sample to be sent to FrozenShard

- Short description: A tournament where players can only use cards from one faction
- Rewards:
      First Position - 50% of the rewards: 2x Marshall Chest + 2 War General Chest + 1 General Chest.
      Second Position - 30% of the rewards: 1x Marshall Chest + 1 War General Chest + 1 General Scout Chest.
      Third Position - 20% of the rewards: 1x Marshall Chest + 1 General Chest.
- Starting date: 10/02/2020
- Ending date: 14/02/2020

In the example above this line, in case of having received 50$, FrozenShard would match the amount and add 50$ more to the rewards (up to a maximum of 100$).

Tournament funding

Please select a funding option from the two shown below.

Note: For tournament organisers it is imperative to select the first payment option ("Tournament creation fee"). The second option ("Tournament extra-funding") should only be used when the tournament has already been created by the organiser.

Thank you for contributing in the Community tournaments, we store every transaction in secure servers but please keep your receipts received in your email for any possible future issue.