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New Update

Postby Domination » 25 Sep 2018, 12:51

Ok we look

Messerschmitt ME 163 KOMET(DIA,Crafted): rly nice new card for the german aircraft its look great , nice abilitys
Wolfslair(dia): Looks very great, end of turn 2+/2+ and next turn promote its great combo
Uboat 96 (dia): its ok not the best for dia but in a top German Navy deck easy to use
Bomber Squadron (dia) : very great card for the german aircraft, its give the german aircraft massiv Push

Uss Gato (dia): its a nice push for the US navy, very great card
B29 Superfortress (dia): Biggest crap, no one will build this card its the same like on crafted with a littlebit more def and attack ( its a LEGENDARY CARD)
Shipyard (dia): its ok but not rly good in pvp, i think thats a card for a raid not more
USA hasnt a new order

Night Witches (dia): very great push for the russian aircraft, its a creat balance card
Tupolev G-5 (dia, crafted): great push for the rus navy, i think thats make the rus navy to a very strong deck
Marat (dia): Perfect Backline supporter with his new ability
Enemy at gates (dia): its a great card for all infantery Decks,

Bunker (dia): its a good card but in my eyes not a Dia card, but its a creat push for the jap inf
Konoe Shidan (dia): nice new legendary card, thats makes the Jap INF very strong, good for fast Kills
Type 1 HO-NI I (dia): first look isnt a good dia, but can be used well in many situations
Last Standing (dia): thats a rly nice card this card pushes the Jap inf so damm i think, this card will be crucial to the game

HMS Nelson (dia,crafted): this card was on normal very strong with sabotage to all cards, but on dia, he is a mighty weapon and raises the brit navy very much
Supermarine Spitfire (dia): Not a rly good Dia card, on tier3 its a good deploy card
Hms Prince of Wales (dia,crafted): its my favorit card perfect push for the brit navy, extra point, ship destroyer, invicible, what more do you want
War Room (dia): Its a great card for all decks very nice order, We will see this card very often


Germans become a great push for the aircraft
Usa become a push for the navy but only useable card, B29 is the biggest CRAP, like so many dia card of the usa, and no new Order!!!!!!!
Russian becomes a nice Navy Push and a great supporter for his airplane
Japan unbelievably good Inf push
Brit becomes the greates cards of this Update, the Brit navy is in my eyes the new Number 1

thanks for the update, i think its was rly hard again for USA, and no the US INF isnt GOOD, its fast Dia Deck but in longtime not strong enough
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