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Here's the list of World War II TCG's Frequently Asked Questions:

- The game loadings between screens is too slow: This only applies to browser players: please, make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome browser, there's a known issue when loading on Firefox that has already been reported to Adobe/Firefox and there's nothing we can do about it so far to get it fixed. Try switching the browser and should work as intended.
- How do Missions work? Missions are battles that have 1-3 or 4 inside battles, the player (you) keeps the same Health Points during all the battles so, be careful! After completing each battle, your rewards will be automatically calculated but they will not be delivered until you a) Complete all the stages of the Mission or b) Get killed and exit the Mission. Each week (Mondays at 00h approx) the Missions rotate and some new ones will be playable during the week, playing Missions cost gold (except in EASY difficulty, which is FREE of cost). There's also no limit of Missions you can play. You will play with a premade deck.
- How do Raids work? Similarily to Missions, Raids rotate each week, it's a little bit trickier and funnier than Missions, since you can play Solo or with your Platoon Mates. In this case, you will have to try to reduce the Boss's HP to 0, and you have a whole week to do it, the Boss state will be saved every time any damage is received. Play Multiplayer Raids to get nicer and better rewards. The rewards are delivered at the rotation time (end of the Week). You have 4 Single and 4 Multi passes to Raids each day, approximately around 9am CET time they will be reset and you will be able to keep playing raids for the day. There is no gold cost for Raids and you will play with your own deck.
- Permanent Boosts: These are only purchasable once, and only applies to Kongregate and Mobile devices. Decoration of Merit can be used once per battle in Raids and normal Levels, it can not be used in Missions.
- Crafting: Cards can be improved using the craft option in the Deck Builder. To craft a card you require copies of the same card and gold. Some cards use blueprints that you can obtain them on the Raid screen by defeating the opponent’s Army. Bear in mind that you can have 2 copies of the same card of the same rarity in any deck, with the exception of Legendaries (and higher).
- Platoons: Platoons have GLOBAL and WEEKLY points. Every time you win a PvP match, complete a Dungeon or score points in Raids you will earn some Platoon points which are accumulated to both your WEEKLY and GLOBAL Platoon Points. The weekly leaderboard will reset every week and all players that have contributed with their Platoon Points will receive an amount of gold that will vary depending on their personal scores for the week. The members of the 3 first Platoons that have contributed at least in a 5% of the Platoon's weekly total score will receive a special reward. The GLOBAL score for the players is just informative.

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