The Fake Ciprianomera? And The Real One?

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The Fake Ciprianomera? And The Real One?

Postby 5Cats » 28 Apr 2016, 20:17

Hi guys!

I fought Ciprianomera in PvP:

As you can see, it's not the real one! He's not in any Platoon and had only basic cards, just like the Bots do.
Last time I saw him? It disconnected and I got a loss...
But this time it fought to the end, like a Bot, and look! I got +8 for the victory? Not +4 like for a Bot?

So this is some sort of "ghost image" of Ciprianomera? What is it doing in the PvP Queue? Why does it (apparently) have his points? I mean it's not really him, we've talked about that the last time...

I do recall there were more than one Ciprianomera on the PvP Rankings list, but that was 1-2 seasons ago, wasn't it? Maybe longer?

Edit: After I wrote this I got back in the Q... and met the Real Ciprianomera!

During the match, he had his strong deck, not like the other one.
However? When I tried to place my Bombe on turn 2? The game said I'd been away too long or logged in with another device. And it froze! I zoomed in and out, and it re-started! It said auto-attacking in 3...2... then it started playing the Victory Song, and the Winning Pop-up appeared.

How strange is that?

Edit: And next PvP I try? This:

I tried zooming in & out, but that didn't help this time. The lower message came up first, then later the top one. It started playing the "loss music" so I'm pretty sure I got dinged with a loss for this. Is AlderL86 in a Platoon? It isn't shown if he is...

Everyone else got booted too: Missions, PvP, Raids, we all got kicked. My 5_boredcats was raiding and it froze, but the "Reconnect" button worked and after 2-3 minutes it continued, so that was good...
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Re: The Fake Ciprianomera? And The Real One?

Postby mtormo » 29 Apr 2016, 10:02

Hey 5Cats,

I'll investigate what you're reporting but I think the problem was related with the login issue. Thanks for the explanation and the screenshots, they're really useful.

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