connection related issue's

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connection related issue's

Postby antonfm » 13 Jan 2016, 12:48

hello ,for several days now I keep losing connection during the game.. it waits and try's to reload at times but afterwards it acts very buggy, it adds cards, doubles my or my opponents terms and even moves 2 cards into same spots etc. this hapones so often that i cant play missions without this bug, and it resets targets and even depletes my 5 turns at once...

Sadly this can even happen during PVP matches, for example a game vs FS_.. something, where i got 2 turns in a row... and then the game said couldnt connect to him.. so I wonn.

Anyway, this prevents me from playing the game well.. dont dare to play more then free missions and PVP doesnt work well. :(
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