Full Explosives

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Full Explosives

Postby Assassin » 10 Dec 2020, 18:21

Not sure if this is me not understanding something or a bug...

There are a lot of NEW units with "(Improved) Full Explosives" or such...which states "Start of enemy's turn: Deals 5 damage to all enemy cards"

How is this supposed to work? Should it happen on FIRST TURN ONLY or EVERY TURN? Should it affect ALL UNITS or just some type/position? (in the description it says all)
I was expecting the enemy to suffer damage BEFORE playing on the next turn.

I am pretty sure it failed to activate a few times, particularly on the Torch Mission and even on the first turn.
A player played a card like this vs me (in PVP)...i didnt kill it and was expecting the effects (i didnt know it and only read after i play)...but nothing happened...
What am i missing?
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Re: Full Explosives

Postby mtormo » 11 Dec 2020, 09:29


All the new "explosives" abilities work the same:
- Damage is dealt at the start of the enemy's turn (you can consider as a debuff that triggers during the enemy's turn)
- You can only have one explosive effect on a unit.
- Damage only triggers once (just like a "play" ability), you can consider it as "delayed damage" -> It's possible that this is not clear and we can change the description to: "Once at the start of the enemy's turn".

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