Medical tent, medical research, rest

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Medical tent, medical research, rest

Postby Johnnyguitar » 26 Nov 2019, 13:55

I was just playing a game where i had plastic explosives on my 3rd infantry division, it had low health, i draw medical research, play it on my unit, unit regains its health, plastic explosives hability.....gone...does this make any sence? No, it’s STUPID! Why on earth would you do this?
Actually, why on earth would did you make this cards? Much better to just play demotion and upgrade my unit again..

Please fix this nonsence recover habilities orders, they should recover equipments ability as well.specially when we just play those cards to regain our units health.

Also, FYI, 4th infantry, “ivy” division is craftable for 500 gold only, no blueprints needed.don’t know if it’s that way or if you forgot, but thank you anyway :)
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Re: Medical tent, medical research, rest

Postby Assassin » 24 Apr 2020, 16:24

Just to ask for i am not sure if THIS is bug or feature.

HEAL abilities will REMOVE EQUIPMENT EFFECT, even if equipment was working properly.
I can understand it NOT HEALING equipment. We can discuss balance and whatsoever, but ok.

But HEAL damaging equipment that is working makes no me it is a bug.

BTW...Heal is useful as it is, you can use to to recover any ability that activates ON PROMOTION...before said promotion.
For instance, Diamond Ramcke.
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Re: Medical tent, medical research, rest

Postby mtormo » 27 Apr 2020, 09:05


We have discussed this and we believe that the card (heal) should not remove the abilities of equipped items. We're still discussing if it should "heal" item abilities (after spying a card) and if there's any other interaction that we need to control before changing this.

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