2X Browning? 2X Gunto?

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2X Browning? 2X Gunto?

Postby 5Cats » 11 Aug 2015, 07:16

Related to the game, but silly:

I had 2x Browning and 2x Gunto on the board in PvP tonight...

R-2 Hiroo with a 50 Cal (7-8! Not scared of Confusion any longer)
R-2 B-17 with Gunto (8-10, I just got it, so I had to play it)

I feel so... naughty! :oops:

(An R-2 Me-262 laid waste to my B-17, but some Gorilla Warfare removed the blocker in front to Hiroo...)

Next up? I put Mosin on my Vasily... (I really did this, more than once! Lolz!)
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