My Strange Dream: Part-1

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My Strange Dream: Part-1

Postby 5Cats » 20 May 2015, 15:20

So I had a dream, just before waking up, in which I was on a computer (in a very strange house) playing WW2-TCG and there were 10 new cards!
I don't recall the others, but this one stood out:

The Parallax Mountain Rescue Division
Featuring a picture of a: Focke Achgelis Fa 223

It's numbers were: 4-2-6, 6-2-7 and 8-*-8... Air Unit (obviously)

The special ability is what really caught my attention:
If it destroys an enemy card? It had a % chance to 'capture' that card from the opposing play's deck and add it to yours! I think it was 3%-5%-8% or perhaps 10-15-20...
Not sure if it kept the card forever, duplicated it or actually stole it from the other player... talk about "OP" eh?

Well, I went to this forum to talk about it, it looked really weird and the typing was impossible (as is normal in my dreams: writing is crazy!).

Then I watched a ww2 movie... that may be 'Part-2' because it was really long & complicated. Great movie though! It had a Tiger-II, drama, mystery, and 3 absolutely amazing battles! Gritty and realistic.
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