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Corona Feedback

Postby Assassin » 25 Mar 2020, 11:08

Just curious on REAL WORLD Corona social media sometimes is "deceiving" or "exaggerated" (not sure which way).

Right here (city of Porto, area with considerable number of Corona Infections for Portugal...apparently still far from Spain and Italy levels):

Mandatory Confinement, Schools and Most activities closed. Supermarkets open with restrictions.

Went shopping yesterday, short queue to enter shop (have to wait for someone to leave) then all normal inside. People with masks and gloves.
Most items available in large numbers, including fresh items and toilet paper.
Shortage of Chicken for some reason and ZERO desinfectant or masks.

Had to go to MAIN HOSPITAL. There is a separate zone for Corona cases with SHORT queues. Inside supposedly considerably full of cases, didn't check ;)...but no apparent chaos or disorganization.
Main entrance (non-Corona cases) all staff with masks and about 5% the usual number of "customers". As all non-urgent cases were cancelled and only people with real urgency show up...SO most city is cured of anything else than Corona ;)

EXPECTED HEAVY economic effects next month or lots companies will start firing people...and government subsidies will NOT be enough (could never be).
Personally reducing of the jobs in the household is "safe" (for now) while other is not...

In the news:
- ITALY (north) is a WARZONE, with hospitals refusing patients and choosing who gets treatment and who won't (and die). Funny story (with video) of Italian City Hall leaders roaming the streets telling people to go home and using video to pass the message.
- SPAIN losing control. Dire stories about army having to go into old people shelters to solve the issues.
- China solved and under control.
- Germany and UK with growing number of cases. Germany for some reason with much lower numbers of fatalities.
- US and Brasil trying to go a different way...keep economy open and "hope" healthcare holds...

Again...just curious on "real world" views from "real people"...
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