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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby alemán » 15 Jul 2015, 00:13


So day1 went alright but there could have been at least one Taking Command to push my hp to 70+.
Now you will see how to achieve board control.
Lets see what surprises day2 will bring?! :D

Day2 1st Turn
I get a nice draw and decide playing 109th Division with Gunto and a Chi-Ri tank.

Day2 2nd Turn
There you go! The ai played a r2 mortar and dealt 4 damage, good I already knew that before and equipped my infantry.^^
Next to it was a r3 Sherman with grenades but I already killed it with Guerilla before taking the screenshot.
I have the feeling that I should kill have the Calliope instead but I wanna gamble a bit and keep my Chi-Ri tank.
So I went for deploying another 109th Division on the left and playing Guerilla on the r3 Sherman :mrgreen:

Day2 3rd Turn
Wow, that was quicker than light, did not even take a screenshot !!! :shock:
Double damage Marines appeared, upgraded with Landing Craft and killed my planned brick unit on the right flank.
Well, that's war, you just don't see death coming until it knocks on your door.
Fortunately the ai did not upgrade the Calliope.
I decide to upgrade the Chi-Ri and equip my other 109th Division with the Order of the Rising Sun.

Day2 4th Turn

The ai played a mortar of course, upgraded it to r3, gave it greandes and sent another r1 calliope.
My response is killing both and deploying Hiiro r2, haha !!! 8-)

Day2 5th Turn
The ai played crap this turn, nothing to worry about.
I draw my 1st Taking Command card of this mission, gain 18 hp and deploy another 109th Division.
The 109th deals 4 damage to the central enemy unit and helps my Chi-Ri eliminating it.
This way I clear the board, gain additional hp and have everything under control.

Day2 6th Turn
Uuhhhh, we have r3 mortar, a r2 Locust and a r1 Hell's Angels now.
My response is killing the Angels with 6 damage from another 109th and upgrading Hiiro to r3.
This way all enemy units die, I lose my Chi-Ri and control the board with three r3 units.
Very nice!

Day2 7th Turn
Again the ai played only crap.
I decide to go for two Orders of the Sun for both 109th and play Tadamichi for some hp.
Then i wipe out the enemy line and look forward towards the last turn.

Day2 8th Turn
Not much to worry about.
I kill a popped up r2 Locust with Search and Destroy and equip Hiiro with Gunto.
He dismisses the r2 Calliope infront of him and we finish day2 with 91 hp.

This day went really well and my troops did a good job.
I got a couple of good draws and didn't even concede any damage if I recall correctly.
Not all 2nd days are that easy ... drawing and upgrading the 109th's and Hiiro Onoda was the key.
Because of them I was able to control all american units that deployed in midgame and endgame.
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby alemán » 15 Jul 2015, 00:14


Now it's time for the real fun.
Starting the day with a good draw helps a lot now.
What you will see now is how to cover one lane with a bricklike unit and how to disable/block two lanes during a day.

Day3 1st Turn
Hm, the Taking Command card is really messin with me.
I have been thinking about it for a moment and then go for a r2 Hiiro since 91 hp seem fine to me :idea:

It's a tough choice here ... but going for the extra hp on day3 would be a gamble move that might cost the whole mission.
The 18-25 are only a the better choice if the 1st ai draw isn't too strong ... unless you are a medium, it is hard to foresee that :)

Day3 2nd Turn
The ai played 2 units of Marines and a r2 Sherman.
My Answer is blocking them with two mortarproof units.
Hiiro doesnt get Gunto, I want to save it for another unit.
I kill the Marines infront of him with the help of 3 damage from First Element.

Day3 3rd Turn

A mortar, Calliope and a Mustang appeared.
Well, now I have to counter that and my draw is mediocre.

Hiiro takes Gunto now to survive the Mustang cause he is down to 3 hp after the mortar hit.
I use the medic unit to block the marines and the Chi-Ri to block the Sherman.
I put the Chi-Ri infront of the Sherman because it deals less damage than the Marines in case the ai plays Play Ball.

Well, I'll definitely take some damage from the Calliope and Grenades but that is unavoidable :roll:

Day3 4th Turn

The ai upgrades its mortar as well as its marines and equips them with grenades.
My draw is mediocre again and I will definitely receive damage once more this turn.

I place the 8th Divsion infront of the Serman and the Calliope and deploy the 18th Division to block the Marines.
Then I play Courageous Divsion to avoid 4 grenade damage.

Day3 5th Turn
Great, ai hasn't upgraded the Calliope!
I only took 6 damage last turn.
Now it's time to gamble a bit.^^

I play another Courageous Division and spy the grenades + double damage from the Marines
I place another 8th Division on my left.
And I am going for 10 hp now.

The gamble now is to equalize damage from Calliope and Sherman with 10 hp from Taking command and hoping for no mortars.

Day3 6th Turn
The deal worked, no 2nd mortar, I only took 11 damage and that's it!
This turn I play another 8th Division, upgrade it and deploy Tadamichi.
The outcome should be almost the same as last turn unless the ai plays any items or a mortar.

Day3 7th Turn
I keep drawing the same cards over and over again ;)
Playing 8th Divsion and Tadamichi again and Guerilla on the Sherman.
I could support the 8th with +5 hp in case Sherman or Calliope get any equipment but I want it to die and play sth funny next turn.

Day3 8th Turn
I took 7 damage again - 6 from grenades and 1 from Calliope.
My draw says Courageous and Tadamichi.

One will equalize the grenades, the other one will finally spy the Calliope.
There is 1ap left but I can't do anything with it so i click the red button.

Day3 9th Turn
Playing Tadamichi again plus the Type 97 Te-Ke tank which I upgrade to r2.
Hiiro kills the Mustang again and we wait for the last turn.

Day3 10th Turn
Finally a second mortar appeared, haha, was waiting for it, must have broken down on its way or sth.^^
The ai flagged its sherman ...
I decide to go for another gamble now :D

I'll spy the Sherman but not block it.
The drawn Courageous Division shall block the r3 mortar now and I will go for the 18 hp from Taking Command.

If it works I'll go through it with 18-6=12 and have 12hp more.
If the mortar which will be killed by Hiiro comes back, the maths will be 18-6-13=-1.
So its a good gamble ... but I can lose a lot if the ai plays Browning ... lets find out :mrgreen:

Finish ... the gambling worked, we finish day3 with 78 hp.
Guess it could have been better or worse.
Overall the disabling strategy worked pretty well.

I am glad that Tadamichi has loyal come back skills.
I must have drawn him several turns in a row.

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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby alemán » 15 Jul 2015, 00:15


Yeah, we made it to the final stage.
Playing day4 with 78hp seems manageable.
Although it is not the desired infinite hp buff, it should be enough.
I should be able to survive an unlucky draw or a turn of planes with Flag Raising and find appropriate counter measures.
I'm gonna stick to my guide and do my best :D

Day4 1st Turn

The 1st draw is really crappy, the choice is either bad or worse.^^
I go for the 18th Division, upgrade it and also deploy the 5th Division.
I neglect the 8th Division because I don't know where the ai will play it's planes and I dont want it infront of a plane.

Day4 2nd Turn
The ai played a Calliope, a Sherman and r3 Hell' Angels.
I decide to spy the Hell's Angels instead of killing it.
I play Gunto on the 5th Division and gamble a bit now + Tadamichi as another blocker.
If the 5th Division survives this turn, it will be able to attack the Calliope and deal some damage.

I place Tadamichi infront of the Hell's Angels and the Courageous Division infront of the Sherman.
Perhaps it would have been safer to do it the other way around because Tadamichi is mortarproof ... we will see.

Day4 3rd Turn
I have taken 5 damage, 4 from grenades and 1 from the upgraded r3 calliope, thats ok.
I'm playing Courageous Division to spy the Calliope, a Chi-Ri and the 5th Division.
But I already see that putting the Chi-Ri infront of the Locust that popped up would have been the better choice.
Anyhow, lets fight on ;)

Day4 4th Turn

Haha, to be honest everything worked fine, no mortars or playballs.
I only lost some 6 hp due to the upgraded locust and the r2 grenades.
This turn I play Courageous Division to get rid of the grenades, Tadamichi to get some hp and Jade Division to make the line mortarproof.

Day4 5th Turn
The ai played a Locust, a Calliope and Grenades again.
I play Tadamichi again and decide to gamble once more.
I will take some damage from grenades, Sherman, Calliope ... in order to establish a strong unit on the right.

That doesn't seem to be really necessary because the ai might start playing Flag Raising soon.
Maybe I just have too much hp and wanna spare some :)

Day4 6th Turn
Oh oh, that was unnecessary, had to pay with an extra 12 hp from the equipped sherman for that fun move!
It is getting interesting again.^^
I play 5th Divsion and Jade Division as blockers + Type 97 tank for supporst and as a bate for Play Ball.

Day4 7th Turn
I took some damage from the Calliope and Grenades again.
The ai played the Browning but fortunately on the Marines which just died instead on the Calliope.
A German saying says: "Luck is a good friend of the Stupid" ... guess there is something to it. :lol:

Well, this turn I block the ai again, play Courageous Division on the Calliope, boost it with +5 hp and deploy the 4th Division.
Thanks to the 109th on the right flank I don't have to worry about the r3 Hell's Angels at all.
Now I understand why my 7th sense made me play that 109th two turns ago.
Lets wait for the Hell's Angels to return with a flag on it next turn 8-)

... the enemy turn ...


Day4 8th Turn
Finally the first mortar showed up and I took a pic.^^
I'm playing Tadamichi and the Courageous Division on a r3 Locust with grenades.
The Courageous get Gunto to be safe from the next mortar attack.

Everything is covered now and my 109th will die disposing the mortar ... 2 more turns to go.

Day4 9th Turn

The ai played Browning on the Locust and sent another Hell's Angels.
I counter that with my 18th Division on the left and Jade Division in the centre ... looks mortarproof.
The Hell's Angels gets a Guerilla as a gift and is destroyed by the Type 97 tank.

Day4 10th Turn
Yo, nothing dangerous appeared, guess that is it.
Now I only spy away the grenades from the locust and let the americans do their job by dealing some damage.
Don't wanna waste any more lives of my soldiers ... 45hp should last :D

... Finish :mrgreen: ...

... and now it is time for a reward ...


... Nice - 109th Division !!! :D ...

Mission accomplished = is the good news. The reward is satisfying too. It was tense at some moments I must say and fun all the time. I got pretty lucky with the draws sometimes and 1-2 mistakes on day3-4 were not punished. Same applies to my hp. I never felt that I have enough to feel really comfortable but it was alright in the end. Even though I had only a few Taking Commands, Tadamichi kept showing up quite often. My general strategy worked well - I accumulated some hp on day1-2 and disabled the enemy forces on day3-4. A crucial momentum that decided the outcome of the mission was day4 turns5-6 imo. The moment I left one lane uncovered to deploy the 109th Division could have been the beginning of the end if ai had played Medal of Honour and Browning on the left Sherman. Actually I was just waiting for something like that to come or some Flag Raising action on deployed r3 Hell's Angels ... regarding draws ... it helped that the ai did not draw that many mortars during the mission, especially on day4 ... and I really enjoyed day2 when I got board control with three r3 units.^^

Overall it was a typical straightforward mission somewhere in the middle between insanely hard and piece of cake. It might have gone into one of the extremes at some points but the Japanese forces found the right answers to their challenge, stayed calm and fought bravely ... having said that - that's pretty much it for my part and from what I wanted to share with you guys. You have seen the mechanics, the strategy and tactics in theory and on the battlefield. Of course we could go into detail a bit more at some points and discuss units etc but I'll leave that to you. I hope you like the step by step guide and I keep my fingers crossed for you on your missions. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, feel free to do so. The floor is yours now ...

Good Hunting !!! ;)
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby Pieterr » 15 Jul 2015, 11:00

Thanks for your Step by Step guide,... I'm really going to try it.
I like your initiative as well, I'll try to post something about Stalinggrad (hard).

Greetz and thanks again,

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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby nAFAI » 16 Jul 2015, 10:03

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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby Aleksandr » 30 Oct 2015, 18:14

I got a question: how come that M4 Mortar enters the game already on level 2? I don't get it. Is there some way how to pre-upgrade the unit in hand?
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby 5Cats » 31 Oct 2015, 05:13

Aleksandr wrote:I got a question: how come that M4 Mortar enters the game already on level 2? I don't get it. Is there some way how to pre-upgrade the unit in hand?

The AI often gets "pre-promoted units" in the Campaign and in Iwo Mission... I forget if they do in the rest of the Missions... Not S-Grad...
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby Assassin » 02 Nov 2015, 15:27

Aleksandr wrote:I got a question: how come that M4 Mortar enters the game already on level 2? I don't get it. Is there some way how to pre-upgrade the unit in hand?

To be clear...this is an AI "cheat" to make levels more difficult...also happens in campaign.

It CANNOT happen in PVP and you CANNOT do it yourself...
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby Aleksandr » 03 Nov 2015, 08:02

I got no trouble with AI cheating (I guess it's much easier to program and more predictable than a real learning AI), I just wasn't sure if I have seen ghosts or what.. :-D
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Re: Iwo Jima Guide - Step by Step

Postby Aleksandr » 14 Nov 2015, 11:29

Hm, I changed m mind regarding the Mortar cheat. It's unnecessary (you could always make the opposing deck a bit more powerful through a different card choices), it's nonelegant and in fact it's mildly insulting as it breaks the symmetry and fair chances. Moreover this particular choice is extremely powerful considering bad (INF-only) draws and it makes me cringe every time it happens.
If at least this cheat wouldn't be that obvious, but as it's now, it's really bad feature.
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