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PvE & PvP Strategy Guide ( UPDATED )

Postby Eriic_s » 21 Jan 2015, 13:00

PvE & PvP Strategy Guide

Welcome to my World War 2 TCG guide for both Single-player ( Historical mission not included ) & Multi-player. For Historical Mission guide, see other guide provided by other player.
This guide is intended to provide you with a range of useful strategies that you can use along with some tips depending on your card availability in your game. In this guide, I assume the reader already know the basic of the game. Some player tends to play with their own strategy and their strategy could be more effective too, but here I will give strategies from my thought that has been proven and very effective. There is no one set of deck that is best in all situation, it is mostly about finding what strategy works best in each type of mission. I hope this guide will provide you guys with some insight about the game and help you in finishing the main campaign & climbing the Multi-player rankings. Wish you enjoy the game :)

Deck builder

Before we are moving to PvE or PvP, let's take a look at card on deck.
There some 'very essential' to have it on your deck for the use in Both PvE & PvP missions, that's would include : 'Better Equipment', 'Taking Command' & 'Courageous Division'. This 3 card are highly recommended and should be on your deck all the time no matter what strategy you are using.

1. Better Equipment
This is one of the best cards the developer ever made. Unlike 'Propaganda' that restricted to h upgrade by factions, this one can be used for any unit in the game although the second upgrade cost 2 action points instead of 1 for 'Propaganda'. This is the only card in the game I would suggest you to have 2 of it on your deck because you will want it to quickly upgrade your unit.

In PvP, particularly when fighting same level opponent, the fate of the battle usually depends on how lucky the player are to have this card show up on their deck in early match, because it determine how fast a player can upgrade their powerful unit to higher level over their opponents.
In case you want to use mostly Russian faction unit deck, you should use have ‘Propaganda’ card as your priorities since it is more effective for level 3 upgrade but you will still need this ‘Better Equipment’ card on your deck. It can significantly increase your speed in upgrading unit.

2. Taking Command
Beside 'supply crates' or unit equipped with it as well as 'leadership', this is the only card that directly restores player health. Unlike 'Supply Crates' which slowly give health to player, this card gives a substantial amount of health upon using. For any mission of PvE, having more health also very important for getting 3 stars aside from enemy commander health and both side unit losses.

For PvP, this card can counter rusher opponents, since rusher opponent only do well in early match by sending un-upgraded troops for quick attack when their opponents are not fully prepared.

3. Courageous Division
Nothing seems impressive from this card in low level campaign except that it have powerful firepower and health when fully upgraded. But the point of using this card is not about their stats, but it is about their 'Spy' ability to remove any ability from an opponent unit. As a dual-use card ( 'Spy' as an ability and blocking or attack enemy unit as a unit ), this card can easily take out 'Invincible' card such as epic 'Matilda II' or legendary 'Tortoise A39'. This unit particularly effective when used against fully upgraded unit such as 'Vasily Zaytsev' & 'Panzer VIII Maus' since they cannot upgrade their card anymore to recover their powerful ability at their highest level. Be wise to choose target for your ability.

Beside these 3 cards as suggested, there are some more card that are very useful to have it on your deck such as brandenburger however i can't listed all of them, mostly rare, epic & legendary card but occasionally some common & uncommon card can be an useful addition too.

Some people may have question about ‘How many each types of card should I have on my deck ?’ ( Units card, Equipment/Ability card & Special ability card ). It is depends on how effective and good the card that the player owned. Usually as the player have more dual-use card ( Card that can be use as an ‘Ability’ & ‘Unit’ ), the need of equipment & special ability card decreases. My suggestion is to have 18-20 unit card & 10-12 mixed of equipment & special ability card. Player should put more unit card than other card since some unit can deal ability too, more importantly, nothing is more frustrating than when it comes to your turn in-game and you found out that you do not have or have not enough unit to deploy.

Now some people may have this question ‘What is best / perfect deck composition assuming we have all the cards?’. This question may have huge variety of answer from different people thoughts since there are more than 250 cards in the game ( Ranging from Common to Legendary ). As you progress, you will know by yourself about which card is good and which card is pretty much useless even legendary card can be useless. Try and practice on your own strategy and do not forget to keep track with the new card made by the developer in each update. By doing so, you will be better prepared for each challenges.

Card Packs & Stores

In order to have good deck, player will have to purchase packs from the shop either by gold that can be earned in-game or real money. Some people confused about which pack should they choose. I suggest those new player to buy 2 enlisted pack before buying general pack. I don’t recommend player to buy officer packs since 4 of the card will be useless in long term. You will want to get guarantee epic or possibly legendary card quickly from general packs. Be wise to spend you gold. For newbie, you should not spend your gold on historical mission ( Medium & Hard difficulties ) unless you are sure that you are experienced enough with easy Mission to tackle those medium and hard difficulties. Even experienced player occasionally have trouble with those medium or hard historical mission, otherwise experienced player could just farm for a few packs ( even general packs ) from historical mission in a day without any risk. Because the deck is fixed, it is just matter of your luck & strategy.

PvE Guide

When you first time entering the game, you will be required by the game to do 4 tutorial missions. After that, you will face more difficult challenges as the game progress to which extends you may be stuck. Then, what are you going to do ? You will have to find a way to win the mission. According to the developer, there is no level that is impossible to beat and every level of the game can be done even by non-spender player too, but it will be much easier if you have the key cards. Here I divide the strategies by types of the mission.

1. Defeat the enemy ( Unlimited turn )
Recommended card : Any other card that gives brutality, blitzkrieg or machine gun ability and unit with balance defence and firepower.

To start with, this mission may be seems easier than any other types of mission in the main campaign because it gives you no time limit to accomplish your objectives, but not to underestimate it since the enemy are tougher in this mission than the one with time limit. No specific strategies needed, all you have to do is to balance your attack & defence so you will not lose much health while your unit are dealing damage to the enemy.

Overall on this types of mission, killing enemy unit is not your priorities, but since on this mission enemy will be more powerful, it is recommended to wipe them out from the map before they upgrade it. Quick attack is really recommended although there is no time limit, not just because it saves your time, but more importantly because the enemy with significantly more health & more action point will usually surpass you in the speed of upgrading unit even if you have 'better equipment' or 'propaganda' card ( This is particularly true in high level campaign ).

2. Survival
Recommended card : Any other card that gives armor, health bonus, sniper or repair ability and unit with high defense.

In this Mission, player health is the most important. Try not to leave a gap that allows enemy to fire a shot at your face. It is better to lose your unit rather than lose your health. Be aware of unit with ‘Brutality' ability which can penetrate if their Attack is higher than your unit defence.

On the first turn, you should focus on deploy your 3 unit to cover the whole line, there is no need to upgrade them at this point. In the second turn and beyond, if your unit survived / threatened from enemy attack, upgrade them. Always give upgrade priorities to the unit that are under attack by the enemy since it is unlikely for the enemy to assault your whole front line in the same turn. If your unit dies, keep replacing it with appropriate unit to fight the enemy.

In the situation when you know that your unit will not deal enough damage to finish off the enemy unit, don't try to spend another action point to do that ( This is true for enemy unit with low firepower or enemy unit with removal ability / damage dealing such as ‘Bradenburger’ & ‘M36 Jackson’ ). That is intended to keep weak enemy / enemy with damage dealing / instant unit removal as long as possible in the frontline since they do not possess much threat to you.

3. Defeat the enemy ( Limited turn )
Recommended card : Any other card that gives brutality, blitzkrieg, deploy or machine gun ability or unit with high firepower.

The first thing you noticed of this types of mission is that it is just about defeat the enemy commander, but this types has time limit. I suggested almost the same card types and strategy as the unlimited time one due to the similarity on their objectives.
Speed and firepower is the key. By having scout division unit in your deck ( Currently only 'Hetzer' ) and use it together with mixed blitzkrieg or machine gun unit, your job is much easier.

Due to the limit of time, it is not necessary to defeat the whole enemy unit in the frontline unless you are be able to do so, you should focus on upgrading your best damage dealer unit and defeating a single enemy unit that blocked your unit that have high firepower to prevent you from attacking their commander ( This is particularly effective if you can send a unit equipped with machine gun in the gap ), after that, keep it alive. If your best damage dealer unit is die, it is very likely that you will run out of time before you can redeploy it, move to the frontline and dealing enough damage.
Aerial unit to substitute blitzkrieg unit is also suggested but aerial unit alone usually can’t win the battle themselves unless it is aerial warfare mission.

4. Destroy Enemy Unit
Recommended card : Any other card that gives sniper & shock ability as well as damage dealing card & High firepower with low defense unit.

This types of mission has tons of possible sub-types including the one that require you to play a number of specific types of unit. The strategy is prevent much damage to enemy player while you kick out the required enemy unit from the battlefield as quickly and as many as you can preferably before they are upgraded but keep an eye at your own health too.

'Noborito Laboratory' can be very powerful if you are lucky enough to have it on your deck at the right moment. Maintaining high level troops is critical to deal enough damage or have better usefulness particularly for unit removal card such as 'Bradenburger' & 'Type 97 Te-Ke'.

Unit equipped with parachute or 'Deploy' can easily destroy un-upgraded enemy unit, it is suggested to upgrade them before you are going to attack with it. It is not decisive unit types to have on this types of mission though.


Join Platoons as soon as when you are able to, it provide rewards for active player in all types of mission. Hard Historical mission provide the most points but very challenging. Unless you have a lot of gold, it suggested not to do it. Its better to save your gold for card pack. For newbies, playing easy historical mission is a great way to farming point while veteran player are advised to take more challenging approach by tackle medium historical mission and PvP for better points toward platoons.

Historical Missions

Player will use different set of cards from what they have on their own deck therefore no worries of card compositition and what the player should include in their card deck. Player are advised to do historical mission when you feel they don't have enough good cards to compete in either main campaign or PvP particulary for newbies. Harder difficulties yield better rewards in historical mission. The step-by-step each historical mission guide provided by other player in separate guide.

PvP Guide

This multiplayer types of game require better planning & deck in order to compete with other players. I would suggest new player to have at least a couple of epics and some good 'rare' such as artillery ( with shock ability ), sniper and unit removal card before jump into PvP battle because common and uncommon card alone stand no chance to fight higher level card.
It is important to know that having all the cards in the game doesn’t necessarily means you will always win over your opponents. Your strategy & more importantly ‘Luck’ factor is the major determination of your success in PvP. Even Top 10 players with numerous legendary & epic card used to defeated by other player that were just equipped with some ’Rare’ cards. There is also no need to rush when you are playing PvP, you have a minute to make your choice.

Here are PvP strategy based on historical fact in relation to each factions to be more realistic :

1. Blitzkrieg Warfare ( Strong vs Airborne Warfare - Operation Market Garden )

Origin : Germany
Year : 1939-1941
History : German military was well known for using blitzkrieg strategy or mobile warfare in 1939-1940 started with invasion of Poland in late 1939 by using this tactics, the same applies in the Battle of France a year later which made those countries falling quickly to germany hands. Their army are unstoppable until late 1941. In early offensive against russia in 1941, they encircled hundred of thousand of russian troops with their blitzkrieg attack.

Required card : 'Hetzer' & any 'Fast' ability card.
Recommended card : Any card equipped with machine gun, blitzkrieg, brutality & armor or unit with balance defense and firepower.

First of all, this was my favourite and easiest to use strategy, well suited for newbies. The point of this strategy is to make short work of your opponent. if you are veteran player with good deck as well as lucky enough, you can end the battle in 10 minutes. The strategy is to have unstoppable unit or unit to flanking opponent position by attacking unprotected sector in quick succession.

This tactics can be done in variety ways, such as sending 'Hetzer' and '1st Marine Division' to the frontline, once the enemy put barricade in front of your marine, if available try to give 'Fast' ability to the marine and move it to unguarded sector to storm it with their powerful machine gun, brutality ability card also a good substitute for fast ability card. Why do I assume there is an unprotected sector ? Because '1st Marine is very powerful on attack, therefore usually the opponent will upgrade their blocker unit to survive your marine onslaught or at least destroy your marines while it left you with 2 action point left, you can choose whether to upgrade your marine to yield greater firepower or deploy another card to support or join the blitz attack. By having decisive card such as ‘Gunto’ or any armor equipment card. It can keep your unit stay longer in the battlefield.

2. Terror Warfare ( Strong vs Blitzkrieg Warfare - Battle of Stalingrad )

Origin : Russia
Year : 1942-1943
History : Russian army or formerly known as Red Army was using a large amount of sniper in the urban warfare to hold the invader when germany invaded the country in 1941-1943. In Battle of Stalingrad, they caused large amount of casualties at the german side, with sniper alone. Behind their lines, they was using katyusha rocket launcher artillery to halt the german offensive such as at Battle of Kursk in 1943.

Required card : Any unit equipped with 'Artillery', 'Sniper' or 'Shock' ability.
Recommended card : Any 'Fast' and 'Shock’ ability card.

This strategy is more recommended to player with some experience rather than newbie. It required substantial numbers of artillery unit or unit equipped with it. The point of using this strategy is to apply 'First look, First shot, First kill'. It is utilize their 'Artillery' and 'Shock' ability to make our opponent unit to be wiped out before they can reach the frontline or deal enough damage to player the 'Artillery' unit.
In most of match, many players tend to have a single or a couple of 'Artillery' unit on their deck such as 'Katyusha'. The efficiency even higher if player can use many of it together preferably from Russian unit deck to make use of 'Propaganda' card to quickly upgrade them to highest level which make them nearly invincible unless attacked by damage dealing card by opponent. ‘Great Gustav’ could make a lot of trouble to your opponent once it is finished, but I don’t suggest player to use it on PvP. This card can be easily destroyed or at least completely blocked by quite a lot of epic & legendary card.

'Sniper' unit could also be use as support preferably to deploy them in early match when artillery unit isn't any close to powerfull enough to standalone against opponent unit. By having sniper on frontline and artillery behind the frontline, your opponent will be frustated and possibly quit the match. This is a risky strategy and unlikely to work well if you can't handle well opponent attacks in early match.

3. Airborne warfare ( Strong vs Terror Warfare - D-Day Normandy Invasion )

Origin : USA & Britain
Year : 1944
History : Paratrooper ( in US ) and Commandos ( in Britain ) as well as allied bombing as a whole played a major role in the late world war 2 in pushing german army to their own country. It began with the deployment of Paratrooper and Commandos just before Invasion of Normandy took place in mid 1944 following with Operation Market Garden few months later when more than 40,000 paratroopers dropped in trying to secure bridges behind enemy lines in order to end world war 2 by christmas 1944 although they lose the battle. On D-day, the paratrooper and commandos had been successfully sabotaged the german coast artillery as well as mass bombing of city of caen which proved to be significant for the success of the entire invasion.

Required card : Any aerial unit & Paratrooper unit ( Unit equipped with 'Deploy' ability )
Recommended card : Any 'Fast', 'Machingun' and 'Brutality’ ability card.

Firstly, this strategy is better to played by experienced player in this game since this strategy is more difficult to handle. The strategy is to assault opponents position with paratrooper unit to quickly dealing damage to them as well as aerial unit as secondary striker since aerial unit can’t be blocked with ground unit unless equipped with anti-aircraft equipment.

Playing with this strategy require powerful aerial unit such as 'Hell Angels' & 'Supermarine Spitfire' to be effective. If possible, choose paratrooper or aircraft equipped with 'Deploy' as your priority unit to deploy to the battlefield. I would suggest player to have 2 ‘Supermarine Spitfire’ card on their deck when they choose this strategy since it has ‘Fast’ ability which very effectively to trick your opponents.

Be aware that you need sufficient amount of damage dealing card in case you face heavy armoured or high health unit. 'No one step back' & 'Guerrilla warfare' is the example of some card that you will need in case encounter tough unit since paratrooper & aircraft unit are lightly equipped. 'Flag Raising' also an excellent card option to have on your deck.

4. Kamikaze Warfare ( Average vs all - Battle of Iwo Jima )

Origin : Japan
Year : 1945
History : Japanese army were well known for doing banzai charge across pacific battle particulary from 1945 at the last moment when they know that they were going to lose the battle while their air force launched kamikaze suicide mission against any spotted US navy particulary their aircraft carrier. This attacks had sunk and damaged numerous US navy vessel in the late war.

Required Card : Kamikaze, Bushido & Banzai
Recommended : Any unit with damage dealing ability or unit removal ability.

As a strategy with highest risk, this strategy should only be done by highly experienced player with very good card deck. Japanese tactics mainly based on suicide attack however at the same time they deal huge amount of damage to their enemy. Be prepared to charge your opponent with mass number of unit with this strategy after getting buff from special ability card. Banzai is great, but bushido is even better particulary when you faced tough enemy unit or there is a gap to attack. Beside these cards, japan factions also have numerous unit card with buff effect to all unit. Unfortunately, be prepared to suffer major losses if your opponent have ' Confusion' card to use, at the same time, you will hurt the enemy health a lot if their commander are getting hit.
In addition, you can also use unit with damage dealing ability to clear the path for the banzai charge or bushido. Overall, unit level not matter much and should not get beyond level 2 except for some unit.

So which strategy you are going to use ? choose the one which is the most suitable for your playstyle :)
You can also choose freely by choosing only unit, ability and special ability card which you thought to be useful from all factions but that would be far from historical sense.

Other Tips :

PvE may not matter that much, in case of PvP battles, it recommended to quickly upgrade your unit to level 2 preferably with ‘Better Equipment” card but not to upgrade to level 3 ( Major ) too quick because we want to our unit to survive as long as possible in the battlefield so that we let them take some hit before upgrade it. It is much worth it to use that 2 action points for something else more important such as deploying another unit or use ability or special ability card. This is intended to split enemy attention so that they can’t just use their all their action point to destroy your upgraded unit. This is very important since some player owns unit killer card such as ‘No one step back’ or ‘Confusion’ ( Only effective on some unit ) that can destroy your precious unit with single action points. Massing level 2 unit is more powerful than a single or couple of fully upgraded unit which can be removed easily by experienced player.

‘Special Ability’ card that provide you with ‘Buff’ effect or ‘De-buff’ effect is somewhat not really useful since the effect will be lost once the unit upgraded. If you have some option of ‘Equipment/Ability’ or ‘Special Ability’ to choose from, it suggested that you choose other types of card instead. Some of these card such as ‘Banzai’ only works well if you have tons of unit in the battlefield which is unlikely to happen unless when you are about to win the battles but if you intentionally use the 'Kamikaze warfare' strategy mentioned above, you should have been better prepared and fine with it.

Player should not just always focus on destroying weak unit or highest level unit ( except in ‘Destroy Unit’ mission in Single-player ) but instead to destroy more valuable enemy unit or the ones that have the most threat. For example when you are facing level 3 ‘Hiroo Onoda’ & level 2 ‘Panzer VIII Maus’, which one are going to destroy first if you can only choose a single target in a single turn ? Some people might choose to destroy Onoda but it is a big mistake. Onoda is not real threat once he is in battlefield. The special things about Onoda is his ‘Guerilla Warfare’ Ability’ when player deploying him to battlefield, while Maus possess real threat once it is on battlefield because of its ‘Barrage’ ability constantly damaging your unit. Even though Maus is just level 2, it is your priority target over Onoda in this case.

This is the end of my guide. Thanks for reading. Good luck on battlefield :)

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Re: PvE & PvP Strategy Guide

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That's an excellent, detailed and well informed guide for both PvP & PvE, nicely done Eriic_s! I'm making this sticky!
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