How Matchmaking PvP system works?

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How Matchmaking PvP system works?

Postby flyfinator » 17 Mar 2020, 10:33

So recently i got 2200 rank points and got into diamond league - hurray my *ss! For two days im having the worst playing experience ever - im being constantly matched vs the top players with rank 3k 3,5k. They play nothing but diamond cards and i die in 2 turn - big fun! I get it, they have the big guns. What i dont get is WHY im being put to fight them !? Thats a 1k, even 1,5 k points difference in ranking! My question is whats up with that???
Where are all the players in betweeen those ranking points : 2k to 2,5 k for example. Can any1 explain to me that match making system how it works? How i see it this game is so dead in active players that there are no players to be matched fairly. I cant be the only 2,2 k player there is! Where are those players?! Keep away from me those 3,5 k players! This is the worst game experience ever! If i have to write more, i have to start to swear heavily. Pls explain it to me how this dumb system works. Players below 3k rise from the dead pls !
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Re: How Matchmaking PvP system works?

Postby mtormo » 18 Mar 2020, 08:41


When you reach diamond league, you will find opponents on that league regardless the rating (tries to match you first with opponents with similar rating and then the search expands to finad any posible opponent within diamond league.

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