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Re: Player Suggestions!

Postby mtormo » 28 Jan 2020, 08:48


platoon notification is now off but i still see all messages relative to x won pvp, y won hard mission, etc...

You're right, it's about your own notifications, adding the option to remove all non "chat" notifications can be discussed.

i don't see where we have emoticons. Small sentences like "hello" but no smileys, angers, etc... That can be a little bit better than just the 5 basics.

Yes, I was talking about the small phrases (they're not emoticons), for now we're going to keep with these 5, we don't have plans to change them.

i opened a chest. 5 cards appear but when i click on one of these 5 cards, i just have the informations about that card (and not the amount i may already have in my deck).

This is visible only on the shop screen, we probably can add this on other screens too.

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Re: Player Suggestions!

Postby Aine » 09 Feb 2020, 08:08

Considering the visible information, it'll be cool if there'd be some way how to know where are the cards from. When I open them in the deck builder, i just know how many of them I got, but I don't know where they came from, how can I get another ones, etc. This would really make it easier to plan and play.
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