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Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2018, 11:49
by Johnwayne
It is very depressing to have Pearl and Atlantic in same week. These raids are no fun to play. In fact their more like Work than play.

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2018, 15:42
by Assassin
Johnwayne wrote:It is very depressing to have Pearl and Atlantic in same week. These raids are no fun to play. In fact their more like Work than play.

Agree. Some "not fun" events should not be allowed together...makes a week of play feel "wrong" work :D

You can check for yourselves those raids/missions players don't like... And avoid mixng them at same time...makes players spend LESS.time in game...

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2018, 02:39
by Truckeye
for the love of GAWD listen to your remaining player base

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2018, 02:41
by Truckeye
We had 2 long time platoon members quit in the last few days due to PVP and Raids. sad

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2018, 07:03
by Aine
How many more months of negative feedback do you need? Do you understand that after today I don't even have a level to which I can downgrade the rating of your game?

Todays results of EASY Operation Z:

Basically it's every day the same: one lucky shot in a serie of annoyingly crappy results. Highlights from todays tries were:
- I built a line of three units. On AI's turn the most powerful is reduced to 1 toughness, then the AI kills it instantenously and finishes of some weaker unit.
- I built a line of defense. AI reduces my most important unit to 1 toughness, then rushes through it a 17/X trample haste unit, killing me on turn V-3.
- AI wipes away all my units on its turn1, then again on its turn2.

Frozen shard, seriously go fornicate yourself.

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2018, 07:14
by Aine
AAR for 16th August.


1st tick
turn1 - unbearable hand, mulligan to one unit. AI obviously kills it on AIturn1.
turn2 - FW, Stuka, Hetzer, IC; 3 dmg dealt.
turn3 - some more units, 15 dmg dealt, Hetzer dies. AI side blocked by planes.
turn4 - 19 dmg blitzed thru. On its turn, AI wipes 2/4 of my units.
turn5 - nothing special.
turn6 - last man standing deals 22 dmg.
Result: 78 dmg.

2nd tick
turn1 - one-unit hand, can't keep, mull to FW 190, Me 262, Stuka, Drilling. FW dies.
turn2 - FW 190, Stuka, upg 262, He-216 upg 262. This might be todays lucky shot. 19 dmg dealt.
turn3 - Me 262 + upg, 305 how on FW 190, 51 dmg. AI thankfully screws its turn, otherwise it would kill one third of my units,
turn4 - blitz some 80 dmg. AI kills 3/6 of my units.
turn5 - roughly 50 dmg. Ai kills 1/3 units.
turn6 - 42 dmg.
Result: 250 dmg.

3rd tick
turn1 - one-unit hand again. Mull to FW 190, Bf 109, He-219. AI lines fully blocked,
turn2 - Hetzers prepared in back line, IC on Bf 109; He-219 dies on AI turn. So far no dmg dealt.
turn3 - 36 dmg blitzed. Bf dies.
turn4 - 45 dmg blitzed, Ramcke. Kure force kills 1/3 units.
turn5 - Hetzers would hit the wall, Blitz saved the day.
Result: 99 dmg, WIN.


4th tick
turn1 - mull to Panther, Panther, Hetzer, Pz II, upgrade Hetzer. AI plays some crap.
turn2 - Camo net on Pz II, IC on Panther, upgrade Hetzer, kill 2/3 AI units. Nelson cripples my units.
turn3 - 305 How on Pz II, Baton on Hetzer, Lehr. Spitfire plus Thicker Armour stops the Pz II.
turn4 - Blitz, upg Panther+IC, 70 dmg dealt. AI blocked except for the Spitfire.
turn5 - Blitz, IC, H. Speech, 89 dmg dealt. Matilda heals back 15 dmg.
turn6 - Ramcke+ Camo Net, Camo Net no. 2 on Hetzer. 79 dmg dealt, surrender.
Result: 349 dmg.

Opera Z seems to be a waste of time.
With a good luck, Drum is playable, but one tick is hardly a statistic.

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turn1 -
turn2 -
turn3 -
turn4 -
turn5 -
turn6 -
for future use

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2018, 08:06
by Aine
AAR for Aug 17th


1st tick
turn1 - Panther, Pz II, Tiger+upg, MP 40. // Nelson+Thicker Armour stops Tiger
turn2 - elite IC on Panther, Lehr, elite Hetzer+upg // Tiger killed, Pz II blocked by HMS King George V
turn3 - Baton the Pz II, flakpanzer+upg, Hetzer kept for more units // Meteor shuts down Hetzer
turn4 - Pz II the Flak, distribute some items // Lehr killed in combat with Nelson
turn5 - flakpanzer+upg, MP 40 //
turn6 - upg Flak, Browning // surrender on AI turn
Result: 298

2nd tick
turn1 - Maus+MP40, FlakPz, Tiger // Monty, Meteor, Deadmau5
turn2 - Panther, Maus, MP40 the FlakPz, IC Panther, upg Tiger, upg FLak // Panther killed by Monty
turn3 - el Panther, el Hetzer, Camo Net the Maus, upg Hetzer // Tiger removed, Panther killed, flak blocked by HMS KGV
turn4 - Lehr, Camo Net, blitz // healing, flakpanzer and Maus blocked
turn5 - Pz II the Hetzer, Heroic Speech // one of my lanes still completely blocked, healing up to cca 30 dmg
turn6 - upg flak, Baton on Maus // surrender
Result: 166

3rd tick
turn1 - Panther, el Pz II, Tiger+upg // Pz II removed by Mad Jack, Tiger killed
turn2 - Pz II, Lehr+Camo Net // Pz II Madjacked
turn3 - Ramcke, Hetzer+upg // Meteor->Hetzer, some crap
turn4 - el Pz II the Hetzer, blitz, Browning // Nelson, 2/5 of my units killed
turn5 - Panther+Camo Net+MP40, flapz+upg, blitz // nothing special
turn6 - Baton the Ramcke, Hetz+upg // surrender
Result: 160

4th tick
turn1 - mull to Lehr, Hetzer+upg // nothing special
turn2 - Ramcke, Flakpz+upg // removed 2/4 of my units, rest blocked
turn3 - el Hetzer+upg, blitz // killed 2/3 of my units
turn4 - Panther+Camo Net, Panther, Pz II -> el Panther, upg Flakpz // killed 2/4 of my unit, Flakpz blocked with HMS KGV
turn5 - el IC the el Panther, el Hetzer, Pz II el Hetzer, Baton the flak // Pz II killed due to some +x/+x effect
turn6 - Brown the flak, Heroic // surr.
Result: 178

All in all, this raid is much more manageable, enjoyable, and fun than the other monstrosity. If not for the indestructible AI units, I'd deal much more dmg. Btw, I dealt in two days roughly the same amount of dmg that was need for three days of Opera Z.
Still, I won't play this raid in a future.

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2018, 07:07
by Aine
Aug 18th

1st tick
Screwed by HMS KGV, Meteor, Tortoise and Nelson. Soemhow this turned to be my lucky shot for today.
Result 211 dmg.

2nd tick
Screwed by Tortoise, Mineflail and Deploy Sabotage infantry. Lost 40 life until turn3, stabilized, screwed again by Nelson, lost on turn5. Disgusting game.
Result 30 dmg.

3rd tick
Once again great roubles due to Nelson. Meteor cripples the Pz II and Panther, Tortoise kills everything in it's path. All three lanes blocked by indestructible tanks. Boredom intensifies.
Result 57 dmg.

4th tick
I lost 3/4 units on AI turn1. Struggling back, then Nelson crippled my units. Finishing in slow pace.
Result 201 dmg.

Need to deal 350 dmg tomorrow. I'm afraid that it will be epically hard.

Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2018, 07:02
by Aine
aug 19

I had an insane opening, godlike draws and AI played awfully.
388 dmg, WIN.

In retrospect:
Operation Z is unplayable. Drumbeat is kinda better, and some of the tries bordered on being interesting.
I should have abandoned OpZ after day1-tick1, and play Drumbeat Medium. I'd get a bit more points and shorten the week to Thursday, saving time and effort.
This week was a true chore, not much fun or thrill. I also received 300 raid points for three hours of suffering.
In fact I tried the remaining three ticks in Drumedium. It went... well, as excepted, with 588 dmg/3 ticks.

I may migrate to another games.
I've heard that Hearthstone is kinda popular and nice game. This is where I could satiate my TCG craving.
Flames of War is another option, as it will bring me among living people, it is a game about WW2, and has some collectible aspect.
Open General, an evolution of Panzer General II, might be the way how to fulfill my needs the best. Strong community, easy and cheap to play, full of immense options, and as there's no metagaming/collecting, it's never a chore. I really recommend everybody to try this gem of a game!


Re: Raid diffucult

PostPosted: 20 Aug 2018, 06:24
by Aine
So I've dealt 2300 dmg in ONE day while playing Aleutian EXPERT, whereas I needed three and four days to deal 2000 dmg in Opera Z and Drumbeat EASY.
Many balance, much tested, wow.