Guide Guadalcanal Hard

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Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby Pieterr » 22 Sep 2017, 14:22

Guide Guadalcanal (hard)

This is one of the missions that has been added to the game as part of the Sealords expansion. One of the reasons to add this mission is for players to get familiar with the new cards that came along with the new set. The mission itself is more or less the opposite of Iwo Jima. To give you an impression:
Iwo Jima <-> Guadalcanal
Commanding Japanese army <-> American army / fleet
Enemy: American army <-> Japanese army / fleet
Target: Survival <-> Finish within a number of turns

Overall, I consider the chances of finishing this mission more than reasonable. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on it and I’ll try to explain the tactics I use.

The mission, the costs and the benefits
To finish the Guadalcanal (hard) mission you’ll have to fight 4 battles and be successful on it. Before you can engage on the first battle you’ll have to pay 150 gold. This is 50 gold less than the “old” missions we have. Anyway, if you manage to be victorious on the first 3 battles you’ll get about 90-100 golds back of your investment. You can also earn a few (free) cards on these first 3 battles. This is a random process: Sometimes you get a few cards, sometimes you don’t. Most of the time these cards are (non – Sealords) commons and/or uncommons. The random you get are non-Sealords cards.
After you’ve finished the 4th battle you’ll get a pack. If you’re lucky it’ll be an ensign pack, if you’re unlucky it’ll be an enlisted pack. You get a 50% - 50% chance.
An enlisted pack in the shop would have costed you 250 gold
An ensign pack in the shop would have costed you 500 gold.
Another bonus for completing all the 4 battles of this mission is a chance on a special portrait frame.
Finally, if you’re a member of a platoon then you’ll also earn 600 weekly platoonpoints for finishing a hard mission. On Monday you’ll get your weekly platoonreward which is about 10% of what you’ve made that week. In other words: You get another 60 gold, but you’ll have to wait for it until Monday.
Overall, you can really make a bargain out of this mission once you know how to play it well.

The Deck you’ll be playing
The deck contains:
11 planes (1 legendary elite, 2 legendaries and 8 epic elites)
7 ships (4 epic elites and 3 rares)
7 items (4 epic elites, 1 epic, 1 rare and 1 uncommon)
5 orders (4 epics and 1 rare)

As you can see you’ll be heading for war with planes and ships at your disposal. Now the best cards may seem to be the planes at first hand but then you’d underestimate the power of the ships you have.

A first look at the 4 battles ahead
You will start the first battle with 80 life points.
Battle 1, needs to be taken care of in 6 turns, your opponent has 60 life points and 4 action points
Battle 2, needs to be taken care of in 6 turns, your opponent has 80 life points and 4 action points
Battle 3, needs to be taken care of in 6 turns, your opponent has 90 life points and 5 action points
Battle 4, needs to be taken care of in 6 turns, your opponent has 100 life points and 5 action points

Now you’ll start this mission with 80 life points and you will have 3 action points per turn on all the 4 battles.

Now memorize !!!
1. ) Your enemy’s life total has to be reduced to zero by the end of your 6th turn, if you manage to do it faster,… Great! This is the most important rule!
2. ) There is no way you can gain extra action points
3. ) Know the abilities of your cards and get the max out of it
4. ) Gain life when you’re in the position to do so

Points 1 and 2 don’t need further explanation to my opinion so I’ll continue with giving a short feedback on the abilities of your cards (point 3)

Abilities of your cards:
Hell’s Angels -> American equipment, you can equip an item for free
B-29 Superfortress -> High Altitude, it’s immune to damage from infantry and armored units
David McCampbell -> Flag Raising, can protect itself or another unit you have in play
USS Enterprise -> American Navy, next ship you’ll play is free
USS Arizona -> American Fleet, promotes another ship you have in play
Flying Tigers -> Mercenary and Comrade, can sometimes be free to play and is a life gainer
Black Sheep -> Fast and Black Sheep, maneuverable and deals damage to enemy aircraft on promote
P-51 Mustang -> Well equipped and Victory, Equipping items is free and improves stats on other units on promote
Corsair -> Fast and Squadron, maneuverable and next airplane you play is free
P-38 Lightning -> Machinegun upgrade, triple damage on attack
USS Oklahoma -> Flag Raising, unit is protected until your next turn
USS Texas -> Well equipped, items you equip on this unit are free

I’ll describe the units and their abilities later in more detail.

Life gaining
Unlike missions such as Dday and Stalinggrad where your life total is a race to the bottom, this mission is not. You can actually gain some life. Your deck has 3 cards in it that can increase your life points. These cards are:
2x Flying Tigers
1x Maritime Supplies

Flying Tigers
Before I come to describe how to gain successfully life out of this card, I’ll take a moment to write about the other ability this card has : “Mercenary.” Whenever this card shows up, learn yourself to check your life total and the life total your opponent has. If your life total is less than the life total your opponent has then you can play this card for free. Which basically means you can spend your action points on other things which you feel are necessary.
Another lesson you need to learn yourself is NTK, which stands for Next Turn Kill.
NTK is a situation in which you’re (pretty) sure that you will finish off your opponent on your next turn. So, your units are ready deliver the final and finishing blow and it really doesn’t matter that much what you’ll do and where you will spend your action points on. Such a situation is perfect for promoting your flying tigers and get some extra life out of this battle before you’ll engage in the next.
Now, the first and the second battle are perfect to bring your flying tigers into play, even if you have to pay an action point for it. Your enemy is often easily kept at bay and your units (mostly your planes) will deliver the damage needed to your enemy to go on to the 3rd battle. It would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t play the flying tigers when you had the chance and NTK shows up and this card is not in your hand.
In the 3rd and 4th battle chances you get to play this plane for free are better. If NTK shows up in the 3rd battle grab your chance. If it shows up in the 4th then there might be some extra duty points to gain (You can get extra duty coins if you finish a hard mission ending up with a life total of 50+) Otherwise, it is really not that important.

Maritime Supplies
This card is the ultimate NTK card! Before you kill off your enemy you get 8 lives as well. It also can be a game finisher. If you play this card on a machine gunned unit which is ready to fire into your opponent’s life stock it’ll do 16 damage more!
Thank the gods of fortune if this card shows up when you’re on NTK.
Combination of Flying Tigers and Maritime Supplies
Occasionally a situation shows up with both cards available. Here is the math:
3 action points for Maritime supplies is 8 life
2 action points for promoting flying tigers to its second rank and 1 action point for Maritime supplies is (5+3=) 8 life
2 action points for promoting flying tigers to its third rank and 1 action point for Maritime supplies is (10+3=) 13 life
1 action point for promoting flying tigers to its second rank (with the help of better equipment) and 2 action points for promoting it to its 3rd rank is (5+10=) 15 life.

Tadamichi Kuribayashi
As far as I know this card can be played by your opponent in the first battle. When it comes into play, you’ll get 5 life for it. Consider it as a little present.
A first look in the 4 battles ahead
Battle 1) The Japanese will throw armored and infantry units upon you.
Battle 2) The Japanese army is now being helped by their air force
Battle 3) The Japanese army is now combined force of Navy, Air force and Infantry
Battle 4) The Japanese army strikes with combined forces of Navy and Air force.

The first battle

As I’ve described above the first battle is quite suitable for gaining life. Play the flying tigers when the opportunity shows up. The B-29 high altitude bomber can be made pretty good use of as well as it is immune to all the combat damage of the units that your opponent has. Some of your units may be spied upon but it is really not a big deal. This battle shouldn’t give you much trouble to clear. Your deck has more than enough planes to strike against your opponent.

The second battle
Now the Japanese are reinforcing their troops with planes. The deck which your up against has at least 10 planes in it. If you’d compare this Japanese deck with the previous one you’ve fought you’ll see that all of the units are epic, epic elite, legendary or legendary elite. The only rare unit it this Japanese deck is a Kamikaze.
The courageous divisions have retreated and have made place for extra planes. So from now on until the final battle every unit you will play will keep the stats and abilities because there’s no more spying.

The third battle
In this battle the Japanese ships show up. Your opponent gets a lot stronger now because it has a better deck and 2 more action points to spend every turn than you have. Again, a lot of the Japanese infantry have withdrawn themselves to make place for these ships. The only remaining infantry you’ll encounter here will be 2 epic elite “3th Kure Force.”

The fourth and final battle
In this battle you’ll really feel the urge of the Japanese forces to prevent you from being victorious in the time you’re given to complete this mission.

A more detailed look into the cards you’ll be playing

In this part of the walkthrough I’ll discuss the cards of the deck you’ll be playing. I’ll start with the units. After that I’ll discuss the items and finally I’ll describe the orders you can play.

Hell’s Angels (legendary elite)
This is (of course) one of the finest planes you’ll have at your disposal: It flies, it bombes, it already has a machinegun by itself and you can equip it for free with an American item as you put it into play. Playing this bomber will not get unnoticed,…
From day 2 on the Japanese will have a legendary elite (Mizuno Jinryu ) Kamikaze plane to counter your air force. It will destroy one of your planes as it comes into play. The plane it that it is able to destroy has to be the same rank as it has itself (or lower). It will mostly pick the highest ranking plane you’ll have in play. If some of your planes have the same ranking than it’ll make its selection based on rarity. It will be no surprise that in such a case your Hell’s Angels will be targeted and destroyed.

B-29 Superfortress
David McCampbell
USS Enterprise (epic elite)
USS Arizona (epic elite)
Flying Tigers (epic elite)
Black Sheep (epic elite)
P-51 Mustang (epic elite)
Corsair (epic elite)
P-38 Lightning
USS Oklahoma
USS Texas

Work in progress, to be continued,....

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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby jcwill23 » 25 Sep 2017, 03:44

Looking forward to it... day 4 is frustrating for me so far.

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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby Assassin » 25 Sep 2017, 14:33

Great WORK as usual...anxious to see the rest so i can learn a new trick or two...

I actually like this mission a lot because different cards must combine for you to get damage trough...and survive...
In most cases planes alone wont do enough you need ships to do it...and planes as support...
10.000 Lemmings can't be wrong...
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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby Pieterr » 10 Jan 2018, 21:51

You've once asked me to let you know if I feel that a specific post should be made sticky.
I'd really appreciate it if you'd made this one sticky, though it is work in progress.

Thanks in front

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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby mtormo » 11 Jan 2018, 12:44

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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby halev » 30 Nov 2020, 14:40

Completing the mission on hard level:
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Re: Guide Guadalcanal Hard

Postby 5Cats » 03 Dec 2020, 00:34

halev wrote:Completing the mission on hard level:

Nice! You didn't take advantage of some free deploy or Health-building in the first round, the 3rd round you were incredibly lucky! Same for round 4 too really... good win though! Thanks for sharing.
Fight Bravely!
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