Epic Cards divided into tiers

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Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 02 Feb 2017, 15:33

After my post about dividing legendary cards into tiers I feel that it is now time to do the same thing with Epic cards. As we all know some of these cards can be made epic elite. Just like in my previous post about the legendary cards I’ll try and discuss them the same way.
Of course, I really hope for a lot of feedback
I’m counting 50 epic cards. To make this post a nice follow up on the previous post I’ve done about legendary cards I’ll divide the cards in the same way, which is:

Tier 1, This is an absolutely must have card
Tier 2, This is a very good card
Tier 3, This is a good card
Tier 4, This is a reasonable card
Tier 5, This is a bad card
First I’ll give a you the list again of the epic cards and the tiers I’ve divided them into. Later (if you’re still interested to read) I’ll describe my reasons for it.

109th Division
Afrika Korps
305 Mm Howitzer
Better Equipment
Taking Command

Red Devils
Flying Tigers
101st airborne infantry
184 Rifle Division
“First Element” Ichiki
Type 5 Chi-Ri
Type 4 Ka-Tsu
P-51 Mustang
Victoria Cross
Medal of Honor
Iron Cross
Order of Glory
Order of the rising sun
Marshall Baton

104th Infantry Division
Panfilov’s 28 Guardsmen
3rd Assault Amph. Bat.
Home Guard
Tiger I
The Steel Guards
Sherman Firefly
Matilda II
Scorched Earth

Black Sheep
M4 Sherman
A6M Zero
8.8 Cm Pak 43

Desert Rats
Lewes Bomb
Type 97 ATR
Thompson SG.44
Flying Ace

Further Explanation concerning Tier 1

109th Division: This is one of the best infantry units that Japan has. It comes in 2 versions: A regular epic and an epic elite. If it comes into play it’ll deal 2, 4 or 6 damage (depending on its rank) to a target of your choice (including your opponent). Its high promotion cost may scare you a bit off but don’t worry: If it survives your opponents turn then it’ll promote itself to the next rank. That’s precisely the magnificent thing about this card. It promotes itself for free!
This infantry unit is a bit of a time bomb. If you neglect this unit it will turn back on you and when it does it will have rank 3 and do its maximum damage.
The epic itself is already nice but if you make this card epic elite it will do 2, 4 damage (depending on the rank it gets promoted to) to all enemy units on promote. Remember this card promotes itself at the beginning of the turn. You definitely won’t neglect this soldier.

Afrika Korps: This infantry unit will do 3, 5 or 8 damage (depending on its rank) to any target of your choice when you bring into play. It also well equipped which means you can give it items for free. This is a very reliable unit. The only way to obtain this unit is to finish a hard mission Gazala. By doing so you will learn to appreciate this unit.

Brandenburger: This card has been the subject of many posts here on this forum. The reason for it is simple: If this card shows up, it’ll destroy an enemy unit of your choice with the same (or lower) rank. All units are targetable. Promoting it to rank 2 will only cost you 1 action point. Its stats are not particularly good but you don’t add this card to your deck for its stats but for its ability.
You can also make an elite version out of this unit. If you do so, it becomes a life gainer as well. On its first promotion (1 action point !) you’ll get 5 life points out of it. On its last promotion it’ll give you 10 life points. The performance of this soldier is not just limited to German decks only, it’ll do fine in mixed faction decks as well.

Hetzer: Who needs units with a deploy ability which can immediately start in the frontline when you’ve got this? No matter how slow the rest of your units are, this unit will drag them all with it to the frontline to their fighting. Not only will it drag other units to the frontline, it’ll make your freshly placed unit in the support line (if they’re able to attack from that position) come into action as well. The ability on Hetzer which makes this all possible is called “Scout Division.” So far this is the only unit in the game which has it. You can easily promote this unit to rank 2 for just 1 action point which is also nice but you’ll be playing this unit for its ability.
If you have enough blueprints you could also decide to make an epic Elite Hetzer. It’ll still have the same features as the normal epic but now it’ll improve the stats of other German units as well once it gets promoted. The first promotion will (for 1 action point) will give all your other German +3/+3. Promote it again and it’ll improve your other German units with +5/+5.
The normal epic is useable in all kinds of multiple faction decks. If you decide to make a German deck than this epic is certainly worth to spend your blueprints on.

305 Mm Howitzer: Equip this item on any (infantry, armored unit, plane) and it will become a unit which is able to fire/attack from the support line. The damage your unit is doing now will also qualify as brutality damage. Which means that if the opposing unit, receiving the damage, will get killed by it than it does precisely that amount of damage to it to destroy it. The remaining damage goes to your opponent.
For this reason players often add 1 or 2 of these items in the decks they use when fighting raids.
If you equip this item on a unit it will fire from the support line but it will also stay in the support line. You have to realize that if you don’t add units to your deck which have “deploy” (can start immediately at the frontline) or units which are able to maneuver than you’ll probably end up with an empty spot in your frontline. In this case the spot above the unit you’ve equipped with this item. I’d recommend you consider this when deck building.

Confusion: This order will let an enemy unit attack against itself which will very often result in that specific unit killing itself. Combine it with other units which do damage when they enter the battlefield then you’ve got a highly effective combination at your disposal to get rid of the most annoying enemy unit your opponent has in play. Because this is an order most players will add in their deck(s) you will also do the math on your own units when getting them into play.

Better Equipment: This card is an absolutely must-have for every non-Russian deck. Basically this card promotes a unit to the second rank for 1 action point or it promotes a unit which is already rank 2 to its final rank for 2 action points. Now most of the cards in the game don’t require 3 action points to get it promoted to its final rank. So the real benefit is that you use it to promote a unit to its second rank.
Since the introduction of epic elite cards which also promotes other units, the need of having 2 copies of this cards has reduced a little bit. However, if you want to improve your chances to be able to promote a friendly unit to its 2nd level with less action points than its own promotion cost then it’s still a very a good choice to add a couple of these orders. Besides that, if they both show up in your hand than you can probably promote your unit all the way to rank 3.

Taking Command: This a life gaining order. Depending on how much action points you’ll spend on it, it’ll provide you with 10, 18 or 25 life points. Some epic elite cards will give you life once you promote them. Some items will give you life when you equip them. Most of the time you’ll have to wait until your next turn before you get it. Who knows what your opponent will do during his turn?
This is guarantee life gainer: Once you’ve spend it, you’ve got it. This is probably the reason that a lot players add one or two of these orders in their deck while deck building.
If you wish to proceed on finishing levels with 3 stars then this is also a very good choice to add in your deck.

Further Explanation concerning Tier 2

To be continued,...

Could you make this post sticky as well?
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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby gusgus78 » 02 Feb 2017, 18:55


I do not remember all of them right now, but I agree on almost all of them I do... maybe some exception.... but I'm impressed by the work you've done and admire the effort you are doing to make a guide to help new players... simply AMAZING!!

Congratulations!! and thanks in the name of those who this guide can help.

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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 07 Feb 2017, 14:59

I'd like to bring this post under your attention again,...
I've got 2 requests:

1- Make this post sticky as well
2- In the game there should be a shortcut to the forum. It's a button you can press once you've selected "settings" However this button doesn't seem to work properly. Could please fix it?

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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby Assassin » 13 Feb 2017, 12:59

Not sure about one thing...is your rank based on the original or the "elite" versions?...some cards get a much bigger "boost" from elite status...rank will be different...

I am going to give some critique...dont take it as negative as i know you did a good effort on this...i agree with most of it...but for the sake of argument i am going to highlight what i do not agree :)

For instance...there is no way the elite desert rats is tier 5 (even the regular one is not THAT bad :))...and also the zero is a bit better and gets a good boost if made into elite...

Others i would rate higher would be La7, Panther and Steel Guards...even the common versions...
On the reverse...Flying Tigers are no longer that important...perhaps in the distant past...and i dont know how you use Stuka to justify it being above 4 (i would even make it a 5...and i like the "historic" side of it...just useless)

The MEDALS of every nation require other insight...they are only "must have" on factions with free equip (german, US)...you will probably NOT use them on decks on other factions (i dont remember seeing any jap, brit or russian medals in PVP)...and these days not even sure if free equip factions dont have better alternatives...so i think this rating is also too high...

I am doing this on memory...so not sure about some cards...dont recall any jap tanks as being "very good"
10.000 Lemmings can't be wrong...
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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby zabik222 » 23 Nov 2017, 11:05

Nice work!

Sadly you stopped at tier 1. I would like to see other tiers mentioned either. Such posts are really helpfull for new players and should be at the top of the forum :D
Btw. being a new player, I haven'T seen all of the cards yet, is there anywhere a post or a page where i could find the cardlist :?:
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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 23 Nov 2017, 11:50


In the game you can see all the cards. You go to "Deck" then select "craft" (in the bottom of the screen).
From there you can scroll through all the cards this game has to offer.

I've made several posts in wchich I've intended to help other (new) players. Not all of them were made "sticky"
It's a dissapointment for me too

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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby FS_KZK » 23 Nov 2017, 11:54

Only an idea to the devs:
Like you saies you posted much threats like this. Maybe devs can make 1 threat on top of forums "new player help" and copy/paste all the helping posts there.
I think this would be a nice guide for new ones.
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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby mtormo » 24 Nov 2017, 08:48


If someone is willing to do a "new player help" topic, I'll sticky the post for sure!

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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 24 Nov 2017, 10:58

I've done several posts which has taken me a lot of time,...

Crafting German Diamonds,.... not made sticky
Crafting American Diamonds,... not made sticky
This post (Epic cards divided into tiers),.... not made sticky (and I've specifically asked for it twice)
Guide Guadalcanal Hard,... not made sticky

And this is just only what pops up my mind right now.

All of these posts were written to help (new) other players

Maybe somebody else is interested in writing "a new player help" topic, I'm not.
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Re: Epic Cards divided into tiers

Postby mtormo » 27 Nov 2017, 09:09

Hello Pieter,

If you feel that a post should be sticky, you can send me a private message and we'll see if meet the criteria (that I guess it'll do) and I'll sticky the post for sure. Sometimes we understand the post more like a "discussion" that information and we didn't directly sticky the post, but we think this post is useful for the players as you mentioned.

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