Legendary cards divided into tiers

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Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 27 Jan 2017, 11:35

Hello everybody,

When I started this game I had to get acquainted to a lot of new cards. Like in many cardgames cards are divided based upon rarity. This game does as well. At this moment cards can be:

Legend Elite
Awarded Legend

However, some commons are better than other commons. Same goes for uncommons, rares, etc. This automatically raises the question: Which legendary cards are the best and which are the worst? Now, that is what this post is all about,…
In this post I’ll divide cards of the same type into tiers and I’ll start with Legandary cards. Depending on the feedback I’ll get from you we could do epics after this and so on. So, indeed I’m trying to get a discussion going on about this issue. As soon as we all agree (or the most of us) I’ll edit this post.
To the admin of this site I would like to say that I’d very much appreciate it if this post could be made sticky so that all new players can easily find it and learn about it.

As I’ve mentioned I’ve divided the cards in Tiers.

Tier 1, This is an absolutely must have card
Tier 2, This is a very good card
Tier 3, This is a good card
Tier 4, This is a reasonable card
Tier 5, This is a bad card

First I’ll give a you list a list of the legendary cards and the Tiers I’ve divided them into. Later (if you’re still interested to read) I’ll describe my reasons for it.

Ramcke Parachute Brigade
M2 Browning
Flag Raising
Not one step back
Noborito Laboratory

B-29 Superfortress
5th Ranger Battalion
Mad Jack Churchill
Bernard Montgomery
Hiro Onoda
David Mc Campbell
Gunto, military sword

T28 Super Heavy Tank
Ushakov LPL, flying submarine
General Patton
Saburo Sakai
Vasily Zaytsev
Panzer VIII Maus
Hell’s Angels
Tortoise A39
Stg-44 “Vampir”

Ivan Kozhedub
Mizuno Jinryu
Horten Ho 229
Georgy Zhukov

Great Gustav
Tadamichi Kuribayashi
Atlantic Wall

Further Explanation concerning Tier 1

Ramcke Parachute Brigade: This card captures all your enemy units when played. In other words: Non of them can attack on your opponent’s next turn. This card will fit in every deck you’ll make. It doesn’t matter what faction it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s based on infantry planes or whatever,.. This is an ally you’d like to have on your side
The card itself is hard to obtain. I’ve never seen it in the shop. The only way to get it is by finishing a hard mission Gazala and hope you’ll get rewarded with this card.

Bombe: This item will grant you an extra actionpoint in your next turn. It will continue to do so as long as it stays in play. Needlessly to say, having more actionpoints than your opponent is a very serious advantage which most often will win you the game.

M2 Browning: This item doubles the damage of the unit it is played upon during its attack. It can be played upon all units, no matter if they’re infantry, armored units or planes. Doing damage (and preferably lots of it) is one of the key issues of this game

Flag Raising: This order protects a unit or all your units, depending on how many action points you wish to spend on it. The protection remains until your next turn. After a unit is protected (with a flag) it doesn’t get damaged anymore by whatever your enemy unit and your opponent throw upon it. The only way to remove the flag (and the protection it provides) is spying. Not getting damage is nice but not getting damage and dealing damage of your own is better. Well, that’s exactly what this card does. Anyway, some players feel that this card should be divided into tier 2 because the effect of this card can be avoided by either spying or by units which have blitzkrieg. Perhaps, its true tier lies somewhere between tier 1 and 2.

Not one step back: This order will kill one of your enemy units or all of them, depending on how many action points you wish to spend on it. Killing 1 unit costs 1 action point, killing all costs 3. Your opponent will get 6 life points for each unit which gets killed by this order. The only units that can survive this order are units protected with a flag (See flag raising). Although you’re opponent will gain life for every unit destroyed you’ll be happy to give it because in return you get to destroy his most nasty unit. Killing of all enemy units has often been a game saver for me.

Noborito Laboratory: This an order that you can expect in every players PVP deck. If you’ve not already put a copy of it in your own I’d advise you to so instantly. This card (when played) presents you with a choice:
Kill all enemy rank 1 infantry units, or
Kill all enemy rank 1 armored units, or
Kill all enemy rank 1 planes.
Costs only one action point!
Most PVP decks focus on just 1 type of unit. So every time your units haven’t reached rank 2 you’d better pray that your opponent doesn’t draw this card. This is also the reason that you’ll see players starting a game by instantly promoting the first unit they play to rank 2.

Further Explanation concerning Tier 2

B-29 Superfortress: Most of the decks you’ll encounter in PVP are based on infantry and armored units. This card is immune to combat damage of these units. Every time you’ll promote, you improve its machine gun as well. A wise opponent should take effort to enable and/or destroy this unit immediately, which of course will cost him action points to do so.

5th Ranger Battalion: You’ll notice that this unit will cost you 3 action points to promote it. Which is ridiculous. The good thing about this card is that it promotes itself. The only thing you’ll have to do is to get into battle and make it survive the fight. To give you an idea of how dangerous this card is, I’ll give you an example:
First play the 5th Ranger Battalion
Second play an epic elite 2nd Marine Corps or a 29th Infantry Division to promote it
Finally play a landing craft on the 5th Ranger Battalion
Your 5th Ranger Battalion now does 16 damage and by the end of your turn (if it survives) you’ll have Rank 3 unit equipped with a machine gun which will need 15 damage to get it destroyed and is ready to do 24 damage on your next turn. Your opponent is going to love this! Not!

Mad Jack Churchill: Well, there are 2 versions of this card: The regular legend and the awarded legend. Both are extremely dangerous. The card has already been crippled in the past for its ability. This card kills the weak enemies your opponent has in play and dealing damage for it. The regular legend does when it gets into play, the awarded legend does this on promote. The higher its rank the stronger “weak” opponents he can take on. So you get this fellow into play, get it promoted as far as you can. Then wait for it to die and show up again. I like the regular legend better than the awarded

Bernard Montgomery: Again two cards: This time a legend and an elite legend. Basically, both cards will do the same for you. You might want to have an elite version of it if you decide to make a British deck. There are 2 reasons why this is an excellent card. The first reason is that it will cripple and enemy card by setting its attack value to zero. The second reason is that, although this card starts in the support line, it provides firepower the turn it comes into play. It is this combo that players love to have this ally in their decks.

Hiro Onoda: In the old days this card would have made tier 1 easily. It is extremely hard to kill and every time it returns you’ll get to do 5, 10 or 15 damage on an enemy unit depending on its rank. Since they’ve introduced crafting the value of this card has worsen a bit to my opinion. That’s why I’ve chosen to let it have tier 2.

David Mc Campbell: We’ve got a legend and an elite legend. The extra ability on the elite version is a total waste of action points. I’ll explain this later. As you’ve seen the order “flag raising” being a tier 1 card this card does more or less the same thing: You get it into play, choose a unit you’ll want to protect (by a flag), make this unit absorb some enemy damage, get it killed and hope for it to show up again. If your opponent starts to avoid killing of this unit you can move it freely in whichever line it is. Having taken this into consideration there is no reason to promote this card: After you’ve played it, you want it to die as soon as possible. The elite legend provides extra health points once it gets promoted? So, please don’t spend your hard earned blueprints on making a legend elite out of this legend.

Gunto, military sword: At this moment there’s only 1 version of it. Based on the information on this forum there will be an elite legend available in the future. This item will make your unit extremely hard to kill. This item restores your units health by the end of your turn. So after you’ve played this item, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is that the unit you’ve played it upon doesn’t get killed in combat. Another nice thing about this item is that you can play it on all type of cards, so it doesn't matter if it is infantry, armored or a plane.

Further Explanation concerning Tier 3

T28 Super Heavy Tank: Take a good look at the stats of this tank. It says: Attack 4, life 7. Now forget these stats immediately, because the real stats are: Attack 6 and life 8. This armored unit improves its attack value at the end of each of your turns. The higher the rank, the better it improves itself. Of course all the previous improvements will be gone and set to its new rank after you’d promoted it. This feature is already very nice but besides all this, this unit also has brutality. So on one side the attack value improves and on the other side any excess damage will go straight to your enemy player. If this wasn’t already enough, it is reinforced as well. So the higher the rank the more additional damage it needs to be destroyed. Now consider this card again. Image what will happen if you can make a sniper unit out of it or what ‘ll happen if you equip it with an M2 Browning. Do the math and see for yourself what this unit will look like if it’s rank 2 and lasts 3 turns.
Overall, when this armored unit shows up you’ll definitely take measures and you sure don’t want to see it promoted and/or equipped. If you play yourself you can expect your opponent to do the same thing.

Ushakov LPL, flying submarine: When this plane comes into play it randomly does 5, 10 or 15 damage to an enemy unit (depending) on its rank. Needlessly to say: randomly is not as good as when you get to choose yourself where the damage goes to. Anyway, there are several ways / combinations to make the damage count,… The first way is the randomly way: In this case you’ll play this unit first, watch where the damage goes to and then take further actions.
The second way is the indirect way. In this case you’ll have a deck with more cards which will do damage on the moment they get into play. Damage which you do get to control. So now you‘ll play these cards first and the Ushakov last. By doing so you’ll take some enemy units out, this’ll improve the chances that the damage the Ushakov does goes to the enemy unit which you want it to have.
The Ushakov is a Russian unit, it requires 2 action points to promote it to the next level. There are (and certainly for Russia) several cheaper ways to get it promoted.
Finally, this unit is a plane. This can be a pro or a con. Pro: it is hard to block when it attacks (only some special units and/or other planes can). So the damage will go straight to the enemy player. Con: Sometimes you don’t want the damage on your opponent but on the nasty unit it faces. Keep this in mind when you place a plane on the battlefield.
Last thing I’d like to mention about this card is that the only way to obtain it is by buying it from in the dutyshop. So this is probably the only legendary card that you’ll have in the quantity in which you want it, which is one. Only a fool would buy it twice

General Patton: There are also 2 version of this card: The regular and the awarded legend. The regular legend allows you to demote a unit (friend or foe). When you promote the awarded unit it makes your American units unblockable. Again I prefer the regular unit: Unblockable is great for doing damage but it doesn’t destroy enemies. Demoting however makes your enemy units weaker and vulnerable. Unless you’re playing the awarded legend, there is really no point in promoting this unit. You’ll want it to demote a unit, absorb some damage and then to show up again.

Saburo Sakai: This is legendary card which has 3 versions of it: A regular legendary, an elite legendary and an awarded legendary. The regular version is playable in all kinds of decks. To play the elite or the awarded version it is recommended that you make a Japanese theme out of your deck. The regular legendary strengthens all your units (no matter what faction they are) in play by +1/+1, +2/+2 or +3/+3 depending on its rank. Another thing you’ll notice is that this unit has really cheap promotion costs: Every promotion only costs 1 action point. So here is the first choice to make: Are you going to let it die and hope for it to return to do its boost again? Or are you going to equip it and let it benefit from items at rank3? For example: If you’d put a (free to play) epic elite type 4 rocket launcher on it you’ll get a plane which will do 15 damage and 8 health. Take this into consideration when you’re building your deck.
The elite legend and the awarded legend only boost Japanese units when it gets into play. But, the boost it does is doubled! A big difference between the elite legend and the awarded one is the promotion costs: The elite still only needs 1 action point to get it promoted to its next rank. The awarded version needs 2 action points for every next rank. In return the rewarded legend will do some direct damage to your opponent: It will do 2 damage for every Japanese unit (including itself) you have on the battlefield on rank 2. If it’s rank 3 it’ll do 4 damage under the same conditions.
To make this card elite you’ll need 2.000 gold and 10 Japanese blueprints, which equals 8.000 money for the raidshop. To make it an awarded card you’ll need to sacrifice your elite legend and another 2.500 gold. I really wonder if the awarded card is worth this cost. Like I mentioned promoting the awarded card will cost you twice the amount of action points.

Vasily Zaytsev: This is by far the best Russian infantry card. He’s not only a sniper. He is a sniper combined with armor penetration! If you promote this card to rank 3 it will definitely kill his opposing enemy. There is just one exception: He can’t damage/kill units protected by a flag.
There are 2 versions of it: A regular legend and an elite. The elite version can be equipped with a Russian item for free, but you have to equip it the moment you’ve put it into play: If you decide to do something else first and equip afterwards then it’s bad luck (and bad game play) because then the item you’d want it have will cost an action point again.
The next question would be what to equip it with? A mosin rifle is nice but you’d rather play this one on a unit which isn’t a sniper by itself. Being already a sniper you’d want it to raise its attack value. To my opinion there are only 2 Russian items which really make a difference on this unit: The order of Glory (the medal) and/or the 305mm Howitzer.

Panzer VIII Maus: Everybody who plays the missions Stalingrad and D-day knows what kind of irritating unit this can be. Depending on its rank it’ll do 1,2 or 3 damage to all enemy units at the beginning of the turn. Same goes (more or less) for the damage it needs to get it destroyed: The higher the rank, the tougher it gets: Rank 1 needs 1 additional damage, rank 2 needs 2 and rank 3 needs 3 additional damage.
There are 2 versions of the Maus: A regular legend and an elite legend: The elite is basically the same as the regular legend, except that you can equip it with a German item for free. Again after you’ve played the elite your next action should be to instantly equip it otherwise the free equip doesn’t count.
Besides all these nice features I feel that this card also needs an item to make it really hurt. Fortunately, the German faction has very nice items you can use for it. I prefer to play an epic elite MP40 on it.

Hell’s Angels: Just like the Maus (see above) this unit has barrage: Depending on its rank this unit will inflict 1,2 or 3 damage to all enemy units on the beginning of the turn. Besides that it is a plane with a machinegun. If you bring this card in play you can bet that your opponent will take measures to get rid of it. Now take a look at its stats and see how vulnerable it is. This is exactly the trouble that this card is causing you: Getting this unit on the battlefield isn’t the problem but keeping it on the battlefield is.
There are two versions of this legend: The regular version and the elite version. Just like Zaytsev and Maus you get to equip an (in this case: American) item for free on the elite. The American faction has good items you can equip it with. A bazooka, a medal of honor are very useful for this purpose. If you do decide to make an American deck then this legend seems to be worth spending your blueprints on to make it elite.
At this moment some factions have epic elite planes available which will promote other planes of the same faction. The Americans don’t have such planes. This is probably for a good reason. If they ever introduce such a plane then the first thing I’ll do is to built an American plane deck.

: This general was legendary in live, he’s legendary in here. There are 3 versions of this legendary card: A regular legend, an elite one and an awarded legend. The regular version and the elite are pretty much the same. The elite is a bit better. The awarded version is quite different. I’ll explain this later.
There is a good reason why this card is legendary: Depending on its rank it’ll do 1,2 or 3 damage to all enemy units when it enters play. The same goes for the extra damage it needs to get it destroyed. Then this unit has blitzkrieg which means that it is unblockable and all the damage he does on his attack goes straight to your enemy player. Normally I’m very skeptic about blitzkrieg units (and planes) because they don’t kill opposing units in combat. In this case, I consider it quite an improvement because of the damage this card can absorb when it’s defending.
Like I mentioned above the elite legend of this card is a bit better: It has all the same features and stats as the regular legend but it’ll give you life points for each German unit you have on the battlefield when you promote it. If you’re trying to finish levels with 3 stars, then this is a very good ally to have on your side. To my opinion this card is definitely worth spending your blueprints on to make it elite. If you ever decide to make a German infantry deck you certainly want this card included.
Last but not least, the awarded version: If you make an awarded version out of your elite (you have to sacrifice it) then you’ll create a very different card: It stats remain the same, it’ll still be unblockable and it’ll still be hard to kill. But it doesn’t do damage anymore to enemy units when you get it into play and it doesn’t provide life points when you promote it. In exchange for these features it’ll now straightly hurt your enemy player when you promote it. The damage it’ll do depends on the first or the second promotion you’ll give it and other German units you’ll have on the battlefield. Needlessly to say: You’ll fill the lines first and you save your last action point(s) to promote your awarded Rommel.
I have mixed feelings about sacrificing an elite Rommel. I really like the life gaining on the elite version of it. But then again the direct damage the awarded version does isn’t bad either. Both of these abilities can win you the game. Overall, the awarded legend seems to be more in balance with the idea behind this card, which (to my opinion) is unblockable and direct damage to your opponent.

Tortoise A39: Here is a British armored unit you don’t want your opponent to have on the battlefield. It resist all enemy direct combat damage so it can only be destroyed by other damage or game features. In return this armored unit has a very high attack value with brutality on top of it. It is also a bit crippled because it is slow: This means it’ll take this unit an extra turn before it goes to the frontline. In other words: You’ve been given an extra turn to figure out how to get rid of it and you’d better pray that the next hand you get includes a “Not one step back”, “Search ‘n destroy”, “Spying” a capable Brandenburger and/or Afrika Korps etc. If you don’t this means trouble. If you’re in this trouble the best way to minimize it is to face it with a plane or a blitzkrieg unit, which can absorb quite some damage. In this case you’ll still be able to do some damage on your own.
If you put this armored unit into play yourself, your biggest concern will be at first to get it to rank 2 as fast as you can and to try and improve its life stats to keep it on the battlefield.
This legendary card comes in 2 versions: A regular and an elite one. The regular card is as described as above. The elite is also but you get to equip a (British) item on it for free. Keep in mind that you have to equip it instantly the moment after you've put this unit into play. The most obvious item is of course “Bombe”: You’ll improve the life stats of this unit and get an extra action point on your next turn. Is this elite legend worth to spend your blueprints on? Yeah, it certainly is,…

Stg-44 “Vampir”: This item is a nightmare for every opposing infantry deck. It is also an absolutely must-have for each infantry deck you create yourself! This is also precisely the limitation this item has: You can only equip it on infantry units!
If you’re not fighting against an opposing infantry deck,… Too bad, then this item improves the skills of the unit you equip it on by giving it brutality and of course it'll improve its attack and defense stats.
If you do get opposed by an enemy infantry deck,… Perfect! Now it doesn’t just improve skills and stats but at the end of the turn it’ll damage all (remaining) enemy infantry units with an additional 2, 4 or 6 damage depending on the rank of the unit it is equipped on.
The last few things I wish to mention about this card is that it is German. There are 2 German infantry units which are” well equipped” and can get items on them for free: GrossDeutschland Division and Afrika Korps. I prefer to play it on the Afrika Korps because the GrossDeutschland Division will have brutality by itself once you’ve promoted it to rank 2. If you do make a German infantry deck I’d recommend you’ll add a epic elite Blitzkrieg order in it as well. The combination of Blitzkrieg and Stg-44 “Vampire” can be really devastating: For 1 action point only all your attacking German units will deliver their damage straight to your opponent and at the end of the turn your unit equipped with the Stg-44 ”Vampire” takes out and/or damages all your enemy infantry units. How nice is that?

Mosin-Nagant: This is (by so far) the only legendary item that comes in 2 versions: The regular legend and the elite one. Just like the Stg-44 “Vampire” this (regular legend) item is an absolutely must-have card for each infantry deck you create, except for Russian infantry. But more of this later. It is also limited to infantry units only because they are the only units you can equip it on.
The Mosin-Nagant is Russian made. It makes a sniper out of any infantry unit you equip it on. It also improves the stats of the unit and it’ll grant the unit brutality. When we look at sniper units we want the attack value to be raised. Well, this item improves the attack value better than its defense value. So it is exactly the way we want it. Make this card elite and you can play it on a Russian soldier for free.
There are several units you’d very much like to equip this on: “well equipped” infantry units, units with machineguns etc. A typical thing I might say is that although this is a Russian item you hardly ever see it getting equipped on a Russian soldier. Only the soldiers of other factions seem to appreciate this item. The only time you probably see it equipped on a Russian soldier is when you play a mission Stalingrad and equip it yourself. How comes?
Well, I think the answer to this question can be divided in two reasons. First reason is that overall a Russian infantry deck is too slow and (for that reason) too vulnerable. It takes too much time (turns) to get the Russian infantry to a serious competitive combat level. Basically, it’ll never reach that level because before it gets to it, it’ll get destroyed by the more aggressive units the other faction bring into play. The Russian soldier is often and easily reduced to what we call cannon futter.
The second reason is that the best infantry units the Russian faction have at its disposal are already a sniper by itself. So why bother to equip such a unit with an item which will grant it an ability it already has?
So,…. On behave of all the other factions in this game we sincerely thank mother Russia for providing us with such a formidable piece of equipment!
Finally, is this item worth to spend your blueprints on? I don’t think so

Further Explanation concerning Tier 4

Ivan Kozhedub: What we’ve got here is a plane with sniper which seems quite nasty. Not only does it have sniper it has sabotage as well. So basically the idea behind this card is that you put it in front of unit and remove all the equipment it has on it. When that opposing unit attacks you sniper it to death and in your next turn you hit your opponent with it.
In reality things turn out quite different. Most of the time you’ll see players equipping items on “well equipped” units because this goes for free. Destroying all equipment on these units is nice but afterwards it returns to the pack. So on your opponents next turn he probably equips the units again (for free) and have it destroyed your plane. If you take a look at the life stats of this plane you’ll notice its weakness. So just playing this plane is often not enough if you’d like to see it survive you’d probably have to promote and equip it in the same turn you get it into play.
Besides the regular unit which I described above there is also an awarded version of this legend. The awarded version doesn’t destroy equipment on an enemy unit. It focuses its aggression more on your opponent: It’ll hurt your opponent when you get it into play, the damage it does depends on its rank and the other Russian units you have on the battlefield. It’ll hurt your opponent again under the same conditions once it gets promoted. To really make it hurt you’ll need to have filled your lines with Russian units. This last task is often quite a big challenge.
Both legendary versions of this card are really not bad at all. But the additional conditions you have to create for it to make this card work for you in the way that you want it will take a bit of effort.

Mizuno Jinryu: This is a Kamikaze plane. Kamikaze means it immediately starts in the frontline, delivers its damage and it already gets killed in the end of your turn. It is also a plane which means it that it flies and has to be blocked by other planes and/or specially equipped units for this task otherwise it’ll hurt your opponent which is often (and this goes especially for kamikaze planes) intended this way.
If you happen to play against a player who comes up with a deck full of planes you’ll be happy with this ally on your side: Not only will you destroy his enemy planes over and over again with it, you should be able to deliver some serious damage with it as well. However most often you’ll encounter infantry and armored units opposing you,… This means that the ability of this card to destroy an enemy plane when it comes into play will be unused.
Like I mentioned before, this plane dies at the end of your turn. This means you cannot use it as a blocker. So delivering 10 damage in the face of your opponent is really lovely. Watching his troops retaliate in your face is not so lovely.
Players often put one Kamikaze plane in their decks as a game finisher. It seems to me that this legend will be used for that same purpose as well

Horten Ho 229: Anybody who encounters this bomber in the support line of his opponent will do anything in his/her power to see it destroyed. Destroying this bomber will absolutely have top priority before even thinking of other actions you’d like to do. There is a very good reason you don’t want your opponent to have this bomber in the battlefield and to see it fight another day.
It is a plane. So unless you have a plane or a specially equipped unit which can block it the damage the Horten Ho 229 does will go straight to you. If you look at its stats then you’ll be taken 5, 8 or 11 damage, depending on its rank. These are already nice stats but the really bad news has yet to come. This is the best bomber in the game. It is a nightmare for all your ground troops (infantry and armored units). This bomber will (depending on its rank) do 2, 3 and 4 damage at the beginning of its turn and it’ll do it again at the end of its turn. To give you an example: A rank 3 Horten Ho 229 bombs 4 damage on all your troops on the ground, shoots 11 damage in your face and does another 4 damage on all your troops on the ground. After its turn you’ve lost 11 life points and probably most of your infantry and/or armored units. There is no way that you can built up your forces on the ground again while your opponent keeps having this bomber in the air.
So, if this is such a terrific bomber then why divide into tier 4? Well, it is a prototype which causes it to have a very nasty side effect: After you’ve played it, it reduces your number of action points which you’ll have on your next turn to (just) 2. If you really want this bomber to survive your opponents turn than you better get it promoted to rank 2 in the same turn you’ve played it. Getting a flag on it would be wise as well. Equipping it with “Bombe” to make up for your loss of action points isn’t a bad idea either. If your opponent succeeds in destroying your Horten you’ll end up with one less action point on your next turn which more than once has been crucial for the rest the game.

Georgy Zhukov: This is Russian soldier who has 2 abilities: First thing he does is promote another Russian unit you have in the battlefield. Needlessly to say: If you don’t have any Russian units in the battlefield then first play another unit so you can instantly promote him when Georgy Zhukov shows up. Secondly he has armor penetration. This means that it’ll kill anything which opposes him that has the same rank or lower than he has. You’ll notice that Zhukov can easily be promoted to rank 2. This will cost you just 1 action point. For these both reasons you’ll include this unit in every Russian deck you’ll make. By the way this also shows the limits of this card because it is totally useless in any non-Russian deck.

Further Explanation concerning Tier 5

T-100-Z: This armored unit looks very promising if you just look at its abilities and stats. Now take a look at its promotion costs. If you’d like this unit in your deck then you’d better add a Zhukov and 2 Propaganda cards as well. Better equipment could also do the trick to avoid its own promotion cost as well. Another option to get this unit to its next rank is to add an epic elite IS-2. But this unit is a slow unit in an already slow army. You’ll notice that if you wish to play this unit that you are more or less forced to make a Russian deck.
Now when you’ve finally managed to promote this unit it’ll stay in the support line. So it requires another additional card to get it to the frontline. Cards like Hetzer or Landing Craft could do this for you. But they’re not even Russian? Can this Russian unit only be moved to the frontline with the help of foreign units or items? Answer: Yes.
I agree that this unit can become very powerful but before it reaches the next rank(s) and the frontline the effort you have to take to get it there are outbalanced to my opinion. Playing this unit also forces you to make a more or less Russian deck in which you have to include non-Russian units and/or items which is very weird to my opinion.

Great Gustav: If you like a gamble then this is the card you’re after. At level 3 this unit will shoot 26 unblockable damage straight into the face of your opponent. But to get into play it’ll cost you 1 action point. To get it to the next rank it will cost you 3 action points every time you promote it. That’s 7 action points and 2 turns in which you can do nothing else but to promote this unit.
Of course there are cheaper methods: Better equipment will reduce the promotion cost. Playing this order means that promoting it to rank 2 will only cost you 1 action point, promoting it to level 3 will cost you only 2 action points. Quite a bargain, isn’t it? If you add 2 epic elite Panzer II then you’ll really make a profit: Now you can bring this legend to action for only 3 action points!
At rank 1 and 2 this unit doesn’t do damage. It’s a hard to kill unit because it needs extra damage to get it destroyed. At rank 2 you’ll have to shoot 14 damage in it. This will certainly bother your opponent. However if you’re opponent succeeds in this he’ll have a very powerful unit in the battlefield which hasn’t taken any damage in return because the attack value of Great Gustav at rank two is zero. If you’ll get all the cards in time to get it to rank 3 then you’ve got a very serious weapon at your disposal. For this reason this unit has been crippled in the past: Players would equip it with a machine gun and would shoot 52 blitzkrieg damage in one turn. If you’re wondering why you can’t equip it with an item then here s the reason why.
Anyway, if you manage to have this cannon fire 2 turns at your opponent then most of the time victory should be near. But like I said you’ll have to get it to rank 3 first and pray and sweat that your opponent can’t kill it in his turns. Perhaps you can give it a flag to improve your chances. But there’s already another card you’ll have to add,…
So maybe the gods of luck will favor you, maybe they don’t,…

Tadamichi Kuribayashi
: Here is one of the most typical legends in the game. There are even 2 versions of it: A regular legend and a elite legend. Both legends are life gainers. If you get it into play you’ll get 5, 10 or 15 life points depending on its rank. After you’ve put it into play you should immediately check the global chat because your opponent probably wants to send you a “Thank you” message. After all, he gets the same amount of life you have received by playing this card. Once you have it in play this unit will provide you with 2, 4 or 6 life points (again depending on its rank) at the beginning of your turn. It has to survive your opponents turn. If you take a look at its stats you’ll notice he’s quite harmless: Even when he reaches rank 3 he’ll only do 5 damage. I really can’t figure what the game plan behind this unit is? Wait for it to die and show up again? You’ll be quite busy checking the global chat,…
The elite version is the same as the regular version except for the fact that it restores health points on every other Japanese units you have in play once it gets promoted. The higher the promotion, the better the restore.
However opponents in PVP mostly don’t bother themselves with the question of how much damage they can do to enemy units which will live to fight another day. They bother themselves with the question of which units they’re able to destroy or not.
This extra feature the elite legend has doesn’t count for destroyed units. So therefore it is pretty useless to my opinion.
Last but not least,… if you’re trying to get through the levels, you’ll encounter some levels in which you may not kill your opponent. I can imagine that this card can be quite helpful and a welcome ally to see it through.

Atlantic Wall: First of all this is a regular legend. The only way you can get it is by playing raids. If you’re lucky you’ll be rewarded with this legend. So it’s a rewarded legend and not awarded legend.
This legend is only useful in a German deck. To play it it’ll cost you 3 action points this is (most of the time) all you have. What can you expect in return? It promotes all your German units to the next rank. Again a bargain because promoting every unit individually would have probably cost you more.
Now take the following game rules into consideration:
A unit at rank 3 cannot be further promoted.
Some units improve stats of other units once they get promoted. However if you promote every unit at the same time they don’t benefit of the improving stats given by this particular unit.
So this legend is limited for German use only, it is very expensive to play and the circumstances to play it have to be precisely good. Then after all these conditions have been met then you’ll have a very powerful legendary order to improve your field position.

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Assassin » 27 Jan 2017, 16:18

Although i agree with most of your list...i dont really get why Gustav is so far below...
I used to add it to German decks and got several wins thanks to it (with help from PzII and/or Hetzer)...versus top opponents. In fact i think this card can help inferior decks pull out a surprise (with luck help)

That said...cards i would have placed differently...but just by a small margin
M2 and Noborito...Tier 2 (they add capabilities, but not "irreplaceable")
Patton...Tier 3 (I rarely use it...always think is not really worth the slot as i rarely get a draw where it makes sense to play it)

And on the other way...
Tortoise and STG44...Tier 2 (Tortoise can really mess with your opp play and STG is as good as Gunto)

Of course it may depend on personal playing style...

10.000 Lemmings can't be wrong...
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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby mtormo » 27 Jan 2017, 16:32

Really nice post!

I agree in most of the points if you compare cards without factions and your descriptions on each card are really thorough and well explained.

All this information is really worth for new players and veterans, I hope you keep doing this.

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby jcwill23 » 27 Jan 2017, 21:02

Nice post.
I look forward to hearing some of the reasons for the other cards.

I use Patton in my decks - most of my cards are US - and it saves me often enough that I use it over other Leg choices I have.
I'm not sure if I will upgrade him or not, they end up being two different cards, not a better version of the original.

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 27 Jan 2017, 21:30

Thanks for making this post sticky,
Thanks for responding, I hope to get more feedback on it

@ assassin:
about gustav -> this unit cannot be equipped, it needs 3 ap to get to r2 and anohter 3 ap to get to get r3. Only in R3 will it do damage. This can only function if you combine it with BE and epic el. panzer2. Anyway, yesterday evening Tanne played it against me, I lost te battle (karma?). Still this is a pure luck card in my opinion. For these reasons I've felt that it should be divided into tier 1

about m2/gunto/STG/mosin -> M2 browning and Gunto can be played upon all types of units. The Stg and mosin can be only played upon infantry. To my opinion this limits the possibilities of these cards. That's the reason I've divided them into a lower tier

About the Tortoise A39 -> This unit can mean really trouble, I agree. But it is slow

About Noborito -> I think this is a key card in nearly every PVP deck that I make and/or encounter. There s a good reason for it: Someone has paid 3 AP for the units he has in play you pay 1 AP and destroy it. There's a profit! The possibility of this card showing up is always on my mind when I play PVP

About Patton -> I had doubts dividing this card into tier 2. You only made it worse! ;-) Let's see how others feel about it. Tier 3 is a good tier for Patton?
Of course, this is all my opinion. If cards have to be divided into different Tiers, I'll do so.

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Old Glory » 27 Jan 2017, 22:20

i really like the depth of your posts that are aimed at helping others in game. Thank you! I am glad I read this as i was in a toss up between making mccampbell elite or a p51, i was starting to lean towards the p51. Now it is a given, p51 is going to be the card I spend my hard earned blueprints on. Saved me possible frustration there. Most cards i havent had chance to play with so I do not know their worth in a deck( some i have faced and know by their annoyance level how good they are). The ones i have, i would agree on your assessment, although I think some may change into a different rating based on the cards pve, raid, value. i.e. T28 is wonderful on op barbarossa (as it gets att points back and is a good decoy being a legend), and NOSB has been crucial in aiding me pass the do not kill missions.
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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby jcwill23 » 28 Jan 2017, 17:12

Your point about Mosin and only an infantry card is a good one.

The tier level is really dependent on the "theme" of your deck.

Let's see:

Faction: Pure, Heavy, No (that's 11 choices)
Unit: Inf, Arm, Air, Mix of 2 (3 choices), Mix (that's 7 choices)

so nearly impossible to create a tier for each theme. Even if only 10 or so of those are used.

Gives a lot of different themes. I wouldn't put Mosin in a deck that did not 'allow' infantry, but an infantry deck (pure or mixed) it is nearly a must (for me)

What's the underlying assumption for your tiers? PvP? Mixed? Non-Faction?

Imagine this scenario:
You are given all the cards available to build a deck.
You are given limits (or not).
You are then given 3 cards. You must keep one, discard one, and put one back into the deck.
Maybe you can, a limited number of times, discard all choices. Let's say 5 times.
That means you will see 90-105 cards and will have 30 at the end.
How your deck ends up really depends on the cards you've already chosen. Some cards don't matter.
The one's you would take are Tier 1, the ones you wouldn't are Tier 5 and the rest is dependent on other factors.
Gustav is great -- if you have BE (or maybe Bombe). A waste if you don't.

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 28 Jan 2017, 18:41

Hey Craig,

The underlaying assumption for the Tiers is PVP.

Thanks for replying,...

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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby gusgus78 » 29 Jan 2017, 09:10


Maybe its necessary an intermediate classification between Tier and Tier2 like:

Tier1 if you....

In this new step i would take some cards:

Mosin: if you play infantry deck, maybe it is one of the most valuable cards you can take.

Award Ivan, Award Sakai, Award Rommel: if you play one pure faction deck: Russ, Japan or German, this units can make a great amount of damage to opponent because final assault ability. In each case they are Tier1 if same faction you are playing.

Other side, I would rank down to Tier2 Flag Raising. Its true: its usefull in some circunstances but flag can be spied or avoided (blitzrieg) and not common (at least for me) spend 2AP only to keep units on board alive  (unless some of them have Bombe on it), but its only my opinion.

All for now. Greetings!
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Re: Legendary cards divided into tiers

Postby Pieterr » 29 Jan 2017, 09:15

Thanks Gusgus
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