Operation Torch Guide - Hard Mission

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Operation Torch Guide - Hard Mission

Postby sgtemu » 18 Jan 2021, 13:42

Operation Torch is a mission I have found very difficult. However, if like this week it is the only mission awarding a Defiance Chest, it is still definitely worth playing! So here is a guide of the strategies I use to increase my odds of winning Operation Torch on hard. I have a lot of fun playing it and have win-rate of about 60%. Sometimes you will still get unlucky and there is seemingly no path to victory but remember the more you practice the ‘luckier’ you get ;)

Your Deck:

3rd Parachute regiment (diamond)
Mad Jack Churchill (diamond)
King’s African Rifles (diamond)
Cameronians (diamond)
52th (sic) lowland division x2 (elite)
Cameronians (elite)
Northumbrian Division x2 (elite)
Red Devils (elite)
No. 2 Commando x2 (elite)
18th Infantry Division x2 (elite
53rd Brigade
Lanchester MK1 (diamond)
Plastic Explosive (diamond)
Bren Gun (diamond)
Victoria Cross (elite)
Welrod (elite)
F-S Fighting Knife x2 (elite)
Hand Radio (elite)
Top Objective (diamond)
First Raid (diamond)
British Loyalty (diamond)
Exercise Tiger x2 (elite)

Key Cards:
King’s African Rifles: With invincible and brutality this is a great unit to own a lane, and attach items that will lead you to victory!
52th Lowland Division: Dealing 5/8/10 damage at the start of your opponent’s next turn after playing this spelling error can help turn the tides in your favour!
Mad Jack Churchill: destroying cards with 4/7/10 health cards when playing, and 4/7 health cards when promoting can be used to clear an early round or already weakened field!
Red Devils: Slowing each enemy card by one turn can delay your opponents attack long enough to make a massive difference!
Plastic Explosive: Dealing 4/6/8 damage at the end of your turn to all enemy armoured, planes and ships this item can help you clear the field especially in rounds 3 and 4!
Bren Gun: Healing 1/2/3 HP x number of cards you control this card can help you survive precious turns needed to win during any round and is the centre of your round 1 strategy!

Other Key Cards:
Cameronion, Northumbrian to attack from support lane.
No. 2 Commando to destroy an enemy’s items.
51st, 18th infantries to play for cheaply and block a lane or spread attack.
Welrod, F-S Fighting Knife, Exercise Tiger to build the attack needed to just destroy a card or finish the battle.
Top Objective stop a strong item equipped card for 2AP *cough cough* Zirkus Rosarius *cough cough*

Overall Strategy:
Develop quickly, take advantage of the fourth column, and target counterattacks.

It is possible to win this mission by surrounding the enemy, attacking from the support lane and free lanes wherever possible, while stopping dangerous cards in their tracks.

The strengths of this British Infantry deck is that it can be played with low AP (Cameronians diamond, 18th Infantry, and 51st Highland), promote while playing unit (3rd Parachute, Northumbrian) and attack from support lane (Cameronians, Northumbrian).

You will need to be prepared to defend against high damage cards, and destroy powerful enemies. Do this with the Plastic Explosives item (end of the turn deals 4/6/8 damage to all enemy armoured, plane and ship), Top Objective order (can destroy any card for 2AP regarding it has an item equipped), and 52nd Lowland (deals 5/8/11 damage to all enemy cards beginning of the turn after it is played).

Improve your counter-attack by choosing when to play units such as 52nd lowland, Red Devils (which delays opponents attack by 1 turn) and No.2 Commando (which removes all items from an enemy card). Note that 52nd lowland’s ability does not stack, so if you play both only the ability of the one you played last will work!. I would also never play Red Devils to No.2 Commando in the first draw - as their ability works only when they are played and there is not enough to be gained by promoting them.

Round 1: German Armoured w/ some infantry

Objective: prepare, spread and HEAL!

Strategy: Play as many of your cards as possible across all lanes until you can attach Bren Gun a level 3 card with a full field. Use 18th infantry, 51st highland to quickly add cards to the field. Continue to place cards in every column to prevent your enemy from dealing direct damage. You should not worry about attacking quickly or using brutality as you have a much stronger deck this round and should win without any issue. Spend as much time as you can waiting to draw Bren Gun and hopefully attach it to a level 3 card healing as much as possible.

Key Cards: Bren Gun, 51st Highland, 18th infantry.

Lookout for: You should have no problems with this first round as the opponent has a weaker deck. If you are worried about them getting stronger then play plastic explosives or 52th to gain back momentum without killing your opponent before you can heal.

Round 2: Germany Armoured w/ some infantry

Objective: control the board and DOMINATE!

Strategy: Use your quick developing deck to gain control of the board from the first round then overpower the enemy into submission. King’s African Rifles will help you control a lane. Use 51st again to spread quickly. I like setting up a strong support lane attack with Cameronain and Northumberland to quickly deal damage to the player from a safe position. Attach plastic explosive and bren gun if you draw them but I wouldn’t delay to heal again as the enemy can deal strong damage this round.

Key Cards: King’s African Rifles, 52th, Cameronian, Northumberland, Bren Gun

Lookout for:
Blitzkrieg cards like Sturmpanzer and Panther which can deal direct damage undoing the hard work from round 1. Do not let these cards stay in the attack lane for any longer than possible. Try to keep a wide attack across all columns so that you can be prepared to stop them.
Panzer Group Africa which can spy a card, then stay on the field with barrage and brutality. Counter this by being mindful of promoting cards to rank 3 too quickly. Usually I would try to keep spy cards on the field to slow them from using their ability again but in this instance it is (usually) better to destroy it as it is just as dangerous on the field!
Kurt Knispel (destroys card with highest attack) and Meereskampfer (confuses enemy and hits itself) can quickly remove your strongest cards. Counter this by not relying on only or two strong cards and use the support lane to diversify your attack.

Round 3: Germany Planes

Objective: Pray and play. This is the round most players are probably wishing I had a divine solution for, but I don’t - sorry. So just try to finish this round as quickly as possible while trying to limit the damage that you will inevitably take. Keep an eye on your own and your opponents HP to know whether it is better to focus on destroying a card or setting up the win.

Strategy: To win as quickly as possible develop many cards and for the love of god above if you draw plastic explosive place it on your highest rank card and protect it at all costs. Be ready to counter-attack with Red Devils, No. 2 Commando and your order cards, same as Mad Jack Churchill only play them if they will be immediately effective. Playing with a very full field will increase the likeliness of drawing these cards when you need them but remember to keep space should you get them! Try to get cards with brutality as early as possible and make them stronger by using exercise tiger or focusing on promoting support cards like King’s Africa, 18th and 52th who increase atk/def of your other cards. I would only play 52th in the first hand if you are able to promote it straight away and then return it to your deck as you will need it to stop the enemy building! Normally I would be more considerate on where I attach items (ie should I wait so that I can give this card brutality too?) but in this round preemptively judge that any card may NEED that extra attack to win it’s next head to head. Very quickly developing and promoting cards is extremely important in this round place items to destroy enemy cards or deal finishing damage as you want to win in 3/4 hands.

Key Cards:
Plastic Explosives, Red Devils, 52th (counter)
Cameronians, Arica, 3rd, Top Objective, Exercise Tiger (attack)

Lookout for:
Zirkus Rosarius - with invincible and machine gun this card has been the single-handed death of me many times. Focus on destroying it ASAP unless you can win in the next turn or 2. This is the reason why you save 52th, Jack Churchill, Red Devils for whenever necessary. It is well worth using the 2AP of top objective to destroy this card if it attaches items. If you ask me this card should have never been put in a mission because if the enemy draws it you will almost certainly lose.
Messerschmitt 262 and Jagdgeschwader 11 - if rank 1/2 focus on killing them as soon as possible unless you can win on the very next turn. They can promote to greatly increase the atk/def of all other cards until they are unstoppable.

Round 4: German Ships

Objective: Read them and reap (or weep). Take a breath and be thankful that you made it past round 3! Then depending on the health you have remaining read the game how you need it and finish the enemy off!

Strategy: It really depends here on how much HP you have left after the previous rounds. If you have a considerable amount (30+) you should be able to pile on your attack and win quickly. If you have less health you will need to still play aggressively but focus on killing any enemy that can do direct damage. A well rounded option is to play your strongest cards into each lane and promote them while equipping items to build them further. Essentially you want to be able to take any hit and still dominate that lane. While the German Ship deck is stronger than your individually you have the benefit of promotions and support on your side. This time I would play 52th and promote it for it’s British Support ability. It can be of more use to you on the field. Again, Plastic Explosive is really strong and should be played and promoted ASAP. Overall this round will probably seem like a breeze after Rnd 3 but maintain focus and the Defiance chest will be yours!

Key Cards:
Plastic Explosive, Africa, 52th, Cameronians, Bren Gun

Lookout For:
Prinz Eugen - can be easy to miss that one of this card’s abilities is to give unblockable to all cards in the attack lane at the START OF EVERY TURN. No matter what health you have left that can be devastating. Destroy this card as soon as possible
Type VIIC - is not very strong but will heal for the enemy for every damage point it can deal to you. This can buy the enemy that extra 8hp it might need to survive another turn and win so destroy it before it gets the chance.
Deploy Submarines - if you have critically low health <15HP DO NOT play conservatively because the enemy can play these cards and win faster than you can overpower them.

Hope this helps and if there was anything else you think would benefit a guide like this comment with it and I could add it in with your permission. Good luck :)
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Re: Operation Torch Guide - Hard Mission

Postby sgt_tom » 24 Mar 2021, 19:41

Nice Guide :)
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