new update

new update

Postby Socket » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:53 am

please can you take away the limit off matches you can play a day.since new pvp i have been limit to play only 20 matches only a day..(.old system i could play many..).now only playing ai players and i only played 2 real oppenents in 101 battles...i no its early days on this new system but limiting battles is a joke and rather boring(after 20 battles no more ai even to find).gold has to be adjusted as well for the winning received. by altering raids where the players used to farm gold on easy to upgrade there decks and to buy packs now with these adjustments its more like pay to win now with the odds going against players on easy auction been removed selling cards for gold to improve decks and earn more gold on selling cards no longer can happens,why has any option a players can get gold has been pay for gold or you never improve.more adjustments are needed on gold winning payout..this resetting off people ranks is wrong as well.players have been limited on how many games are being played in higher league tables and guys that started in rookie league are clawing in gold at an easy table with no resictions on how many games are played.master league finding any real players non existant earning gold at this rate is an old player to the game its not very apealling at mo.with more adjustment things should improve and the gold rewards increased as from all the updates on cards and game winnings are now to low and need to be brought inline with all these updates.
good start with upgrade


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Re: new update

Postby Kramito » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:20 am


We're adjusting several options during the last update and a completely revamp of the PvP. Currently the amount of rewards that you can receive in PvP are higher than before and we don't have plans to increase the amount of gold received.

Not just the gold that you receive in PvP but the gym points and the monthly rewards are really big for playing PvP. Due to the reset in the first reset of the season, the leagues weren't properly populated but we're adjusting this issue so won't be a problem in the following weeks.


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