New PvP System Release

Re: New PvP System Release

Postby Foxgirl1337 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:20 am

Hi guys !

All this is very nice but I don't think it will fix the main issues !

Hackers and cheaters !

Although it's hard to (prove) that some players constantly hack and cheat, it's pretty darn clear and evidently obvious, especially when there's a TON of other players constantly whining about them, reporting them, complaining in the general chat of the game, yet they go on unpunished !

Having perfect hands in EVERY single game is a clear sign of cheating ! When these same players do it constantly and then screw up auctions being held , just so they can win them without any competitors (I know no auction House anymore but still).. It's more than clear and obvious, yet again, they go unpunished and unchecked !

When the very best players of the game are at 2000 rating after 20 days and these cheaters are at 3000... it's weird, when everyone is around 200 games played and these cheaters are at 500+, it;s weird ! When gyms (total activity) are around 200K and the best gyms out there don't match Warcraft at 500, it's weird ! When losing auctions against the same players constantly because you can't even bid or even take screenshots, I call that hacking !

This is just an example but I'm sure you will understand, did O.J Simpson kill his wife, we all KNOW that he did, it's OBVIOUS but hey money buys and pays stuff right... Was there enough (proof) no, therefore he got away with murder ! The same things happens in this game on a lesser scale, we're not talking murder, we're talking about cheating, hacking ! In a way, the Murder of the PVP system and any interest to play in it !

You guys are doing your best to improve things and on that thank you very much ! However, You guys don't have a big team to deal with things like cheats/hacks and it's literally killing you and the player base ! You don't need coding proof, all you need to do is WATCH the activity/results of certain players and it won't take long before you realize things are wrong and red flags are being risen, a LOT and often !

I myself, have 21 Mega Legandaries and I made a deck without a single one, no legendaries (except ONE), the rest are all epics and rares ! Why ? To avoid these cheaters/hackers because of deck strength ! It's much more fun and enjoyable that way and I'm still st 2162 rating as we speak, barely still in that op 25 ! Yet, I'm still matched vs people with Megas sometimes and that little deck stands no chance...

When new players come in the game and weeks later have a ton of megas (upgraded) to +1 , +2 and more, again, it's raising red flags... nothing happens..

All in all, your proposed changes are great, promising, interesting but they won't fix the major issues we're facing right now, it will fix some of them and on that, Thank you !

We're all hoping for action on these matters and only you can do anything about them, Please find a way to pay them serious heed otherwise the player base will just continue to dwindle !

IMO, the same issue will happen in the gold league, we can already see this happen clearly ! You will again see huge gaps between the (leaders) and the rest of the league...

I, myself, have lost a lot of interest in PvP, not to say the game (unfortunately).. why? well I've finished all levels on all 3 difficulties, tournaments are all about RNG, if you're lucky or not, the rewards for finishing a HARD tournament simply doe snot pay the cost to play them (when you actually finish them) ! example: paying 100 gold to start it and actually finishing it and getting 25 gold + 2 very low cards worth 5-10 gold each... let's say 40 gold... you lost 60 gold... As for PVP, well I do my 5x daily PVP's just to get 100 gold and I'm forcing myself to do it... No fun at all doing it, why ? well because of the issues brought up in this post !

I hope something will be done about these serious issues but at this moment , I have strong doubts to be honest,Unfortunately ! That is the precise reason I say all these changes to the PVP system won't give you/us the results we're all waiting/hoping for !

Thank you very much for your time, understanding and consideration and best of luck to you !

Cheers !

Foxgirl1337/avadakedavra !

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Re: New PvP System Release

Postby Zuzzu94 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:39 am

o be honest I think there is still a lot of work to make this game balanced in all its aspects. There is a long queue of flaws that have to be addressed, although I realize for a small developer team it's impossible to do. But they should at least fix the most important problems. And the future update does not address the main ones, as stated before.
The playerbase is low for the following reasons:

Here is my opinion. I put them on relevance order.

1) the prices of fusions. While the prices of singles card is overall balanced compared to the gold needed, the fusion prices are absurdly high. The first 3 sets requires too much gold and cards to acquire a mega, or even just a legendary fusion. The problem lays not in the single fusion prices themselves, but on the AMOUNT of cards you need to fuse. All fusions of the first 3 sets should require no more than 2 pieces of each rarity, per each fusion. You CAN'T expect people to pay 10k gold to get ONE mega card if they pick a basic uncommon. 10k gold means about a month and a half of work... but there is an exploit ofk.. that is:
2) hackers. Everything was already said about them. And if they are just abusing a glitch, don't blame your team if you can't resolve it. Just tell players they can't abuse glitches and if they do they'll be banned.
3)Lack of decks variety. There are obviously overpowered cards and junk ones as any other ccg game, but since point 1 (prices too high, so players spend all their lives trying to improve one single deck), and point 4 (you'll see) all you got to play against are the same 3-4 (at most, if you are lucky) type of decks played by all players (dragons portals, divers, plants, and very rarely some random rush decks).
4)Monetary prices. The offers are great, but everything else is too expensive. How do you expect players to play those amounts of money for few resources. It should not be a play to win, but not even just a Hack to win game.. also REMOVE the buy deck slot option, they should always be free..when a newbie notice he got only two decks slots to play with, he will leave the game 90% of time.
5) what makes this game interesting is the fact it's a tcg (very rare compared to online ccgs) so keep some type of trading possible.pls.

Well there will be a lot of other stuff to address, but those are the main problems for me. Keep especially point 1 under great consideration, this is the reason so many leave this game right now.

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Re: New PvP System Release

Postby Kramito » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:41 am


We'll try always our best to investigate and verify all reports and we suspended players for using cheats and hacks in the past. Just a report of a player with "good luck" doesn't mean that this player is cheating, we need to verify and when we check it we act accordingly.

About your feedback, we'll take it into account for the next update, as we want to adjust several things.


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Re: New PvP System Release

Postby Socket » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:44 am

on the new update release is there any way you can blank out who you are playing so it stops the person leaving the duel at the loading screen as this happens all the time vs other players from certain gyms then you end up drawing the match because the players ,leaves duel when the screen syncs with the players on loading soon as the person sees who there are playing on pvp on load up they quit match before you play, then u end up with a can this screen be blanked out .so you only see who you are playing on match start..( its not warcraft players doing this is other gyms).

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Re: New PvP System Release

Postby Kramito » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:15 am


Thanks for bringing this issue, we'll see what we can do to avoid the awaiting time if another player disconnects just before the starting of the match.


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