Transfer Account - Facebook & Kongregate to Steam

Transfer Account - Facebook & Kongregate to Steam

Postby Kramito » Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:14 am

Hello trainers,

<< The following feature will be available on the next update, please read very carefully all the information if you are a Facebook (browser) or Kongregate player >>

Due to the fact that browsers will no longer render Flash content from December 31st, 2020 onwards, the browser (Facebook & Kongregate) version of the game will not be available. This tool allows you to transfer your Facebook or Kongregate account to Steam.

If you play on both browser and mobile devices, please bear in mind that once you complete the transfer you will NOT be able to play with your mobile device (nor with the browser version) since that account will only be usable on Steam. Please do not make use of this tool if you still want to play on your mobile.

<< This process is irreversible and your old account will be deleted once you transfer your account to Steam >>

If you are a Kongregate or Facebook player who doesn’t use any mobile device to connect to the game, you must transfer your account to Steam before the end of December. Please read carefully the following points before starting the process:
  • You must NOT be in a Gym, you have to leave the Gym before the transfer or an error message will appear if you try to do the transfer.
  • Your lootbox items will NOT be transferred, make sure that you claim all rewards before starting the process. You won’t be able to transfer your account if you have not claimed all rewards.

When you finish the process, all your data will be transferred to Steam and you will keep your Name, card collection, purchases, battle pass & duties progress, PvP Rating, Tourneys,... with the following exceptions:
  • Your current raid progress: Any raid (both single and multi) damage done during the week will be lost.
  • Star scores: While all your level progress is saved (all difficulties) all the star scores will be completely wiped.
  • Gym: You must leave the Gym before starting the process and therefore no gym information will be transferred.
You will keep all the gold, raid points and quest points when you complete the transfer and we’ll reset your Raid Tickets so you have all the raid tickets available after transferring the account to Steam. Also after successfully completing the transfer, we will add 2500 golds to the account as compensation for the transfer.

We recommend to perform the transfer at the beginning of a week so you don’t lose any raid progress or weekly gym points.


To start the transfer process:
  • Log into your account on the facebook or Kongregate browser.
  • Click on the Settings button.
  • Click on the Support button.
  • Click on the Transfer Account button.
  • Click on the Copy ID button.

    Perfect, you have your id copied, time to go to Steam!
  • Install Monster Battles: TCG if you don’t have it installed on Steam.
  • Click the Settings button on the Main Menu Screen (it’s only available from there).
  • Click on the Support button.
  • Click on the Transfer Account button.
  • Paste your Transfer ID and Click Transfer.
  • You are good to go, just click the reconnect button to reload your account (at this point your old account will be deleted).

    You have successfully transferred your account to Steam!

You can watch this tutorial video with all the steps to transfer the account:


REMEMBER: Your old account WILL BE deleted, if you want to keep playing on mobile you will need to use the Facebook login on your mobile device instead of transferring your account to Steam. Please don't use this tool if you want to keep playing on your mobile.


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