When Will the game return to normal?

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When Will the game return to normal?

Postby Adamastor » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:31 pm

Ok, we have tried being patient, but enough is enough!!!

The server move was on the 15th, and today is October 2nd. You had more than enough time to resolve the issues that we are having in the game. As of this moment, I look at the game and the situation is as follows:

1- We cannot receive the rewards that we are due. We have the in-game icon notifiying loot, but when we try, we get a error message. (As an example, As of now, Im waiting for a TOP10 PVP Rewards, a 1st Place Guild Week Reward and a Expert Guild Raid Reward, a bit substancial, dont you think?)

2- Last week you reseted the Guild Raids TWICE in 1 week, with no explanation, and delivered no rewards from the raids we completed. Thats an Expert Raid and a Easy Raid of combined player effort for NOTHING. As if that was not enough, you also reseted all guild points for the entire week, again, with no explanations.

3- The guild chat is not working properly, with messages disapearing, others that only some people can see, and you have done nothing

4- The PVP is suffering from a HUGE BUG, where if a player lets the clock run out during his turn, its an auto-win for him. This has been reported again and again, and once more, NOTHING WAS DONE!!!!

5- The players who have cleared enough of the campaign to win the Port reward, once again get the signal that have a reward, only to find out that are unable to get a reward

6- Players have reported several instances where the comunications with the servers have failed, costing them money, cards, and achievements won in the meantime.

So, in short, as of now, you have a game where we cannot comunicate with each other, play raids during a week without random resets, play PVP without game-losing bugs being used by cheaters, or clear campaign levels without problems. And even if with all these problems we still somehow manage to accomplish anything, we get no rewards.

Please tell me, what is actually working on this game? And why should we keep playing it?
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Re: When Will the game return to normal?

Postby Maximus_Prime » Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:47 am

Ohhhh .. That's why some people let the clock run out!!!. Happened to me a few times, they suck.

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