Spying vs abilities

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Re: Spying vs abilities

Postby DaemonSultan » 26 Nov 2014, 16:13

young wrote:So the Blitzkrieg in a unit which has this ability cannot be removed by spying. And the Blitzkrieg from Marshal Baton can be removed by spying. Am I correct?

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Re: Spying vs abilities

Postby nAFAI » 26 Nov 2014, 18:09

Hey guys,

I wanted to jump into this topic before but wanted to first release the Patch notes: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=373

We have made adjustments to the Flag Rising and Blitzkrieg Ability on our next patch. Both of them are now considered as normal abilities so they will be removed by Spy like all the other abilities. We thought it was confusing to have some abilities work different from the others so now, we do not have any special abilities, all abilities will behave equally.

Hope this helps clarifying some of this rules.

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Re: Spying vs abilities

Postby Assassin » 27 Nov 2014, 13:00

Quick question to anyone who has looked for it...

Spy is available as an abbility...and in Courageous Division...nowhere else...right?
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