V2 trash? (semi rant)

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V2 trash? (semi rant)

Postby gunmun » 10 Mar 2019, 17:11

Is it just me or is V2, especially for a legendary, just complete and utter trash? Like the only thing that has over the uncommon HEAT, warheads is that it's Greman and can be slapped onto any unit. In fact, it's arguably worse than HEAT cause while HEAT can only be put on jap armored and ship cards it upgrades to destroy rank 2 and 3 armored and ship (and at diamond plane)cards at its base form while V2 doesn't even kill rank 2 cards until it's rank three diamond meaning, if the enemy ranks up (of which is very easy to do so in the current meta) they are completely safe from it. And speaking of crafting, since HEAT's an uncommon card you're going to be able to craft it a lot sooner than the 'legendary' V2. Just seems like V2 needs a buff or something to make it more viable than an uncommon card.
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Re: V2 trash? (semi rant)

Postby Assassin » 12 Mar 2019, 11:24

V2 was overpowered on its initial version...

As it happens sometimes...it got nerfed into something much less useful...still reasonable when played for free (as can be done in many german units)...
It is the basis of the better Elite and Diamond versions...but neither are "must have" cards...but better.

HEAT on the other side is a very good card ;) not to be used as reference, i guess...

V2 is an OK legendary now...nothing spectacular but usable...could be improved a bit i guess...there are worse legendaries that i don't even consider using ;)
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