08/02/2018 - The future of the game

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08/02/2018 - The future of the game

Postby mtormo » 08 Feb 2019, 08:52


We’re evaluating the “state of the game” so we can decide which parts of the game require more work or what improvements are needed. We usually do that when we work in a new big content patch (or expansion). As always your feedback is appreciate (and needed!) so feel free to give your opinions in anything.

Battle Pass Cards

Battle Pass Cards give us the opportunity to create two options of the same card with different possibilities. We started with items (grenades & Medals), then Orders and now Units. The following battle Pass Cards for the next months are:

German – Tank Factory
American – 33rd Infantry Division
Russian – T-44
Japanese - A6M3 Zero
British – HMS Hood

German – Uboat 23
American – Shipyard
Russian – Soviet Snipers
Japanese – Type 97 Te-Ke
British – Dambusters

For May and June you can expect more units until each faction has all 5 type of units (for example Germans will have a plane and a Tank)

What do you expect for raids? The only objective is to get raid points? We want something “more”, besides from raid points we expect to add something “more” to raids, we tried in the past to add unique cards there and we’re looking for new options in the incoming raids.

H. Missions
Usually H. Missions are a place where you can get cards and we usually add one when an expansion appears so you can get cards there too. Also we liked the idea of the Historical Mission where you can get Yamato (something special) or other specific card. You can expect something similar in the future to obtain some “unique” cards and new expansion cards.

You can expect new cards (with new and old abilities) but we don’t have plans to add a new category (we tried a few things but we’re not 100% happy with them). We’re looking in ways to make each category (infantries, tanks,…) different, so playing Infantry or Ships of the same faction should feel different.

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Re: 08/02/2018 - The future of the game

Postby Bracken03 » 09 Feb 2019, 12:22

My feelings about this:

I dislike the battle pass and blue prints esspecially. If you miss a certain blueprint or are a new player, you can never get that card?

To me this is adding more grind to a game mode I do not like, to get cards I want to PVP with. PVE as an admission to PVP sucks. I quitted many other card games and MMORPG before because of this.
Why not add super duper cards as a reward to PVP, you absolutely need to do the PVE parts of the game afterwards? I am not serious btw :D, I know some peps hate to PVP.

H. Missions:
See Raids...

I do not want more barriers, I want less of them. All cards should be aquirable through all game modes. Maybe some path should just be easier, like the Yamatoo through its special mission.

I would like to see cadrs like Naval Aviation added able to promote two categories of cards. Or planes that for example can promote ships of the same faction. Improve two category play.
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Re: 08/02/2018 - The future of the game

Postby Johnwayne » 20 Feb 2019, 21:03

i Would love to see single faction 40 card pvp decks so the factions are more important and seldom used cards will see daylight. I think this would provide an improved player experience. I also think players would benefit from a auction so these cards can be acquired even if your not lucky.
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