Battlepass challenges...some comments

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Battlepass challenges...some comments

Postby Assassin » 04 Feb 2019, 20:37

Most challenges have bugs that have been fixed over time...all are fun and make for different gameplay, overall interesting experience...

There are still some that say "Levels" which seem to indicate Single player missions...but can be done in PVP, not sure if bug.

The 10 win a row PVP challenge actually doesn't seem to require the wins to be consecutive

The 10 win in a row HARD mission challenge is considerably harder than most as it requires consecutive wins...which is hard to do in general, and almost impossible with some missions...
(Oddly...the 10 in a row PVP would be easier, considering you have bots...10 consecutive DDay, Sgrad or Iwo missions will require AI to cooperate...a lot)

The 100 raids each month will also be almost impossible on our platoon (and other platoons with overactive raiders)...not enough days in February as in some weeks the raids will be over before Sunday...this week in particular has 2 easy i am expecting we wont be able to play Sunday (perhaps even Saturday).
This particular issue may change if our platoon loses raiders...but right now it will be hard to do...

Also odd that many challenges have NO REWARD on free mode...i can understand rewards can't be all good, and there is a "hint" to buy battle pack to get rewards...but having a "difficult" task that gives nothing feels odd...
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Re: Battlepass challenges...some comments

Postby mtormo » 05 Feb 2019, 08:41


Thanks for the feedback, we'll keep in mind so we can make some adjustments in the following weeks.

About some challenges not having rewards on "free mode" is something that we decided because the following reason: If we add a reward in all free challenges, the value of the reward had to be smaller, adding things such as chests had been impossible. We calculate the time spent to complete challenges and fairly distribute the rewards through these challenges, we believe that's a better solution that small rewards in all challenges.

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