My PvP Scores Are Still Broken

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My PvP Scores Are Still Broken

Postby 5Cats » 21 Aug 2016, 18:52

Hi again.

The Rate I win and lose is NOT the same as what others get. I cannot figure this out. I don't think 5-7 people are all lying to me about it, that would be strange!

5_boredcats beat the #1 Micko: I got +7, he lost -6 he said. (380 difference)
5_boredcats lost to Hunter86, I lost -7, he gained +10! (460 difference)

Edit: 5Cats beat #1 Micko: I got +7 and he lost -6 again. (300 difference)
It happens to both my accounts, but not to other people?

I cannot recall the last time I got +9 or more. It simply doesn't happen for me. For either account.
Maybe 2 seasons ago when the #1 player disconnected and I got +11. He was well over 800 higher, I think that was in my previous complaint, since I had lost -8 to him the match before (or something like that).

Last time I complained you guys said you found a rounding error. Things got better after that, it used to be an even bigger difference!

But it's still happening. No wonder I cannot compete in PvP standings! Everyone else scores more per win and less per loss than I do! That adds up to a huge difference after 300 matches!

For example: Alexbal said he has 24 losses this season ( a couple of days ago). At that time I had 22 losses, and 30 (or more) more wins than he did. Yet I was less than 100 ahead!

This has been going on all the time, it is always consistent: I compare +/- for wins and losses and it is always worse for me, even taking into account other factors like Rate Difference and standings position (if that matters).


And the damage tracker in Raids might be broken again... I'll chart my damage done to see, maybe tomorrow. :|
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