Platoon Commander Gave Me The Boot...

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Platoon Commander Gave Me The Boot...

Postby Lovesalooser » 05 Jan 2019, 20:02

I made the following statements in the chat...

1. I will just login for the daily boon.

2. I will not play any PvP matches unless I have a deck stuffed with epic and legendary cards.

3. I will not play any missions and raids unless...see above.

4. As I am not willing to invest money, so I calculated it will take a few years till I get my legendary killer deck together.

5. ...and he gave me the boot. :oops:
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Re: Platoon Commander Gave Me The Boot...

Postby Assassin » 07 Jan 2019, 15:14

Not sure what platoon...

But at the very least any platoon would expect you to do least in EASY...

And then...there are the Missions where you use PREMADE decks...and a win in HARD is worth 600 platoon points...(the same as 3 PVP wins)...

Pretty sure MOST platoon will accept a player that does raids (whatever he can) and a few missions each week...

MOST players in game didnt spend more than 25EUR in game...usually ZERO...this is NOT an far as i know
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