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Re: Server exploit rollback

Postby Assassin » 05 Dec 2016, 11:24

Hello All,

I am not 100% sure what this was about...

I did notice some additional rewards a few days back...and as most people do (i guess) i collected them...
I KNEW they were NOT usual and probably a bug of some sort...not proud of having done it, but seemed "dumb" not to collect them...
(lots of games give content "by mistake"...and it is usually dumb in competitive terms not to take it...not so sure of deliberately chasing for it...but it is a thin line)
I doubt anyone would collect them without knowing they were due to a bug...

I ALSO perfectly understand the rollback (even if it costed my a few cards/resources)...not even sure why players are is both unfair to other players (who didnt get them) and to the seller of any item to take advantage of this type of bugs...even if it is a bug "created" by themselves...
I wasnt even aware a rollback was possible...but seems fair to me.

As far as i know frozenshard also compensate players when the bugs are the other way no double standard i can see...playing on as usual...

I didnt "buy" anything with real money, so not sure about this part...
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