24th August Weekly Rewards Issue

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24th August Weekly Rewards Issue

Postby Stone » 25 Aug 2016, 10:38

So, hey guys.

It looks like the closer we are to a solution to deal with the server issues, the more errors keep appearing. Yesterday we had this huge issue regarding every kind of weekly reward that is given to each player. I performed an investigation to find the source of the error once in for all, and managed to understand what happened this time, here it is: every week, we schedule on our servers a code that automatically generates a new "week". Hence, every time a player logs in, and the servers have generated a new week (usually every wednesday) and the rewards get calculated on your end (client's end) and given away to each player.

Unfortunately, this week's error was due to a malfunction on our current backend service's servers, which triggered the schedule twice instead of once. This means that the system automatically increased two weeks in a row, which on one hand rotated (twice) the raids: that's why you were seeing the same raids than the week before, because it actually rotated it and then, rotated once again leaving the same pair of raids that you played last week.

That was the "easy" fix, on the other hand (the tough one) are the rewards, here's how it works: if the difference between the player's data and the server's is more than 1 week, the system doesn't reward the player because it considers the data as deprecated, so yesterday we went from (as an example) week 40 to 42, instead of from 40 to 41 and for that reason didn't reward any player at all.

After creating a script to override every player's week to the correct one and leaving it running all night long the raids rewards have been (or will be during this week) delivered properly. Also, there might be a rollback on yesterday's raids progress, making this week a 6-day weeks for Raids instead of 7 days.

Also, I'm still thinking how to fix the issue regarding the Platoon rewards, which is way more complicated, since it follows more or less the same procedure, but in this case due to the huge amount of data that Platoons generate, deletes the deprecated data.

Said that, I can not be more sorry about this issue just happening now. I will during next week or the following make an announcement regarding a maintenance downtime that will take part soon due to the fact of performing a massive migration to a different backend service 3rd party which hopefully will work properly under our technical requirements. I will explain deeply the pros and cons of this change (mostly all pros) but it's for obvious reasons that we need to make this change, an error in an outsourced service takes way too long to get fixed since it involves 3rd parties.

That's all for now, sorry if the explanation I gave was too technical but I'm sure most of you will appreciate it.
Again sorry for the inconveniences this issue may have caused you and I will personally inform you if I can get to fix the weekly Platoons rewards too.

[EDIT] After research and investigation and due to the complexity of the error and the complete data wipe of last week scores, players will not be able to receive any Platoon's rewards from last week. We know that this isn't ideal and probably won't understand why, but there's literally nothing we can do about it for this week. We have made extra sure to disable next week's automatic system and will be triggered by hand in order to avoid this issue again. We will, nevertheless post an announcement soon with very exciting news about a huge server change that will once in for all tackle this connectivity issues. Stay tuned.

Kind Regards,
Christian "Stone" Gascons
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