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WW2 TCG - New Expansion: WARMACHINE

Postby mtormo » 14 Oct 2019, 08:19

World War II: TCG's new Expansion: Warmachine is here! All factions get ready to use all their resources for the war.


Here's the detailed list of this expansion:

  • 120+ NEW cards to obtain!
  • A new raid to play! It’s time to be part of the Battle of Dunkirk against the British Forces.
  • 3 New subtype of cards: Factory, Hangar and Shipyard cards. These new cards can freely equip items at private rank (rank 1).
  • A new Historical Mission, the Fall of Singapore, assault the Stronghold of Singapore.
  • PvP will have (starting this month) extra rewards for the players in the Top 3 positions of each league, especially for the Diamond League.

  • Balance: Several cards have been adjusted, specially some unused cards have been improved to be more useful in raids and PvP.
  • Added several crafted cards from all the game editions.
  • Added some gameplay abilities that will give more options such as the 'Protector' ability that blocks ALL units or 'Medical Care' that now restores abilities too. Spy ability becomes "universal" and several cards of all factions have now this ability.
  • Fortification Ability now gives "unmovable" and "Protector" ability. This change will affect cards from previous editions.
  • We have added the option to reduce in 1 the cost of orders.
  • Several improvements on the PvP matchmaking.
  • Playing against “offline opponents” will give you less points. This change will reduce the amount of points gained and will prevent from reaching higher positions in PvP and therefore find stronger rivals.
  • Added Epic craft elite cards as a reward for challenges (different editions).
  • All ability icons have been updated to improve visibility.
  • Added some extra visuals on several cards to easily identify the ability (MacArthur's ability).
  • Units with the ability “scorched” have been adjusted, now all their promotions cost 2 action points.

  • Fixed a problem with some challenges that couldn’t be completed or had wrong/inaccurate descriptions.
  • Fixed several abilities that didn't work properly.
  • Fixed some cards that couldn’t be crafted.
  • We have fixed several cards that didn’t display the correct Art.
  • Fixed a card who shared the same name and Art.

Legendary Cards adjusted
    T28 Super Heavy Tank
    Saburo Sakai
    David Mccampbell
    Great Gustav
    Food Rations
    Tower Defense

New Craft Cards
    8.8 CM Pak 43
    Medical Equipment
    Barbed Wire
    Type 1 Ho-Ha
    13th Armored Group
    USS Fletcher
    Soviet 1st Guards Brigade
    Hells on Wheels
    Communication Dvice
    Brigade Group
    Stone Division
    4th Army
    2nd Mechanized Corps
    1st Tank Battalion
    4th Infantry “Ivy”

We hope you guys enjoy this one! ;)
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