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New Update Available: World War II: TCG v1.1.6

PostPosted: 14 May 2014, 10:42
by nAFAI
New features:

    - A log message is shown when trying to promote a card with not enough action points.
    - The log panel gets highlighted when the player has to select a target to trigger an ability.
    - New PvP Global ranking list available on the PvP Screen.


    - The deck builder no longer crashes when repeatedly tapping the "Categories" tabs on the top of the screen.
    - Fixed an issue using the "Fill Lives" Booster.
    - Fixed an issue clicking on the top menu bar buttons of the Map Screen.
    - Fixed an issue involving the purchases and the communication with Apple servers.
    - The deck slots purchased and the deck names changed work now as intended when playing in multiple devices.
    - The unlock map waiting time will no longer be reseted when playing already completed levels.
    - The daily rewards system has been polished.


    - Officer Pack loot has been improved, now it has one extra Uncommon Card instead of one Common Card.
    - The deck builder deck selector will show a green light on the available decks.
    - The map will now center the camera on the last level played at each game session.
    - The top menu bar of the Deckbuilder screen has been optimized for iPhone devices.
    - New look & feel of the Map Screen level items.
    - The downloader manager has been temporarily disabled.
    - There have been some changes in the Tutorial flow.
    - A confirmation popup is shown when clicking on the Leave PvP Queue icon.

Re: New Update Available: World War II: TCG v1.1.6

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2016, 11:26
by Assassin
Was looking for news on the NEXT update (September 2016 or so...) and found this thread, which is kind of old...:) easy to find Announcement Thread dedicated to updates...eventually this one with some changes... there an ETA on next update? I am not sure if the server transfer was done already...servers were down for some hours, but i saw no change in game so not sure...

Re: New Update Available: World War II: TCG v1.1.6

PostPosted: 07 Sep 2016, 08:19
by mtormo

I can't give you an exact date for the server transfer ( and the update is linked with this change). When we have the exact day of the transfer, I'll announce it with all the information (cards, changes,...) on the forums.