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Postby Stone » 27 Oct 2017, 09:51

Dear players,

We take the overall stability of the game as one of our top priorities. At every build we make, we attempt to always fix old issues and still try to make a fun game out of it. It has come to our attention that some players are making use of some exploits that we (still) don’t know about, these kind of actions end up begin errors that you guys inevitably experience (for instance playing PvP). As weird as it may sound, a game will unfortunately always have some flaws and there’s always going to be people with enough spare time to keep trying to progress by taking advantage of those. That’s why we’d like to make a request to all of you to get them fixed as soon as we can.

It would be of great help if you could send us (in a private message to support@frozenshard) all the information you have about these exploits (not the people who used them, but the specific steps to get to reproduce them on our end and hence, fix the bug that allows players to take advantage of them). It doesn’t really matter when are you reading this post, exploit reports will always be welcome and we would really appreciate your support.

Thanks for your time and understanding,

p.s.: Please notice that in case you want to send us information you have to do it by sending an e-mail to support@frozenshard.com, we will delete (for obvious reasons) any steps stated in this post as a response.
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