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Re: Sealords Expansion 2.0 Release Notes

Postby mtormo » 18 May 2017, 07:50

Hello Lt_mitch,

It's a interesting discussion, but we try to be fair with both type of players (paying and non-paying users). While paying users can buy the specific card that they want (if not you need luck on the packs), Crafted/Diamond Cards can't be purchased and therefore they need to spend the same resources (gold/raid points) both type of players.

We added a new rarity of cards but we feel the game needed a new layer of card development and gives the opportunity of more content in the following months and not just days.

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Re: Sealords Expansion 2.0 Release Notes

Postby Assassin » 18 May 2017, 09:45

Lt_mitch wrote:My conclusion is that you risk to increase the gap between the 10/20 very good players and others. I reapeat, I am not a complete beginner and I agree to spend SOME money sometimes. But in this case I feel my motivation going down. We fail to succeed a single raid last week and we are about the 10th most competitive guild. Guess what a real beginner would feel !

I actually agree with this, being on the other side of the equation...
I am on a reasonably competitive platoon (irony :)) and already have a reasonable deck (irony x2...albeit some decks are much more "reasonable"...but i admit not that many).

I feel the game costs and difficulty levels are being optimized for "us" and those like us...which will probably make the game economics very tough for the MANY (and hopefully even more in the future) that arrived later at the game...
For instance...a cost of 1000 gold to unblock a raid or 500 gold for a pack seems barely reasonable to top players...but means days of playing for those in the middle of the get 20 per PVP win...

An even more obvious example is the new raids difficulty which i am guessing wasn't tested in detail, but designed to give "us" a tough challenge and a bit overdone as a precautionary measure...making them impossible to all (again, unless there is some "magic" deck to be found).

I was once on a platoon that was not doing well...and the drop on weekly resources was staggering...not sure if devs know how much resources "average" platoons can stated in the above post...

Not a complaint as i believe devs are monitoring these issues, and game is overall "nice" to players...just a comment on our side of the game "economics"...

I would also guess "economics" weren't designed for top players to gather on same platoon...but we were kind of "forced" to do it in order to get the resources...guess it is a Catch 22 situation...
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Re: Sealords Expansion 2.0 Release Notes

Postby Aleksandr » 18 May 2017, 19:29

The difficulty is way off. I was dealing like 200-300 dmg per ticket with occassional 400 blast. And I was able to finish the Expert raid in two days. It's Thursday now, and the AI is on 1600 life.
I don't think I can follow anymore.
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Re: Sealords Expansion 2.0 Release Notes

Postby jcwill23 » 18 May 2017, 20:01

For me the question should be what sort of level is expected of easy, medium, etc...

I would like to believe that an new player (level 50) should be able to join a platoon at beat an easy group raid in a week. Maybe.
It is supposed to be "easy".
The recommended platoon size is 9.

18000 pts / 9 players = 2000 pts / player per week
2000 pts / 28 tickets = 71 pts / ticket.
Seems reasonable.
Pearl Harbor at 20k points is a little higher at 79 pts / ticket.

Expert scales up (now) the same value.
30000 pts / 15 players = 2000 pts / player per week but that requires a higher level of cards.

I would say I'm pretty close to "expert" level. I'm missing a few Legs that would put me over the top, but when I have time I can be in the top 10 hard missions and beat many top tier PvP with a bit (or a lot) of luck. Before the change on a good week I could solo all four raids, but that was relatively recently.

On the new difficult, I'm doing damage like I was a year and a half ago.

I agree with other posts here -- the top tier are going to get better and the middle tier is going to drop down and the lower tier aren't going to make the grind.

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