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Another Season, Another Disconnection Loss

PostPosted: 04 Aug 2016, 21:52
by 5Cats
I hate them so much! Have I mentioned this before?

I finished my turn, winning, the cards started their slide-off and then... nothing. Of course some of the buttons still worked, so it wasn't my end that froze up, it was the game.

-15 or more for me, a 30 point swing! (It should have been +15 at least)

Hunter also got a loss, he says. It sure would be nice to get this adjusted... ;) It doesn't harm Hunter any...
I mean it was after the match had ended, eh? Not like the second turn or something... and it was the game, not my end.

ALSO: Hunter86 says he cannot see the comments in Global Chat from 5Cats, only those from 5_boredcats. Weird eh? This also happened to Chackyjo too (for Hunter86).

It could be he hit Mute by mistake? (or on purpose, lolz!) And there is no known way to Un-Mute someone, eh?

So fixing the "Cannot un-mute" part of Global Chat would be excellent, thanks!!