Next Unit Free Bug?

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Next Unit Free Bug?

Postby 5Cats » 06 Jul 2016, 22:57

Is the "deploy next unit free" ability bugged? Or is it supposed to work like that, different from all the other abilities.

Right now you can: play the card, promote it, THEN play a free similar unit. That cannot be right. It makes those "1" to promote units massively OP. It should be: Play the free deploy unit, THEN deploy a similar card OR the ability is lost. NO action point in between! That's how it works for items and other things, the Deploy should be the same!

Play Highlanders, promote it, play FREE Northumbrians and get an R-3 Highlander AND still have an AP left? Americans can do the same, but not as good a unit... Germans cannot, their free deploy guy is '2' to promote.

It gives British and Americans a MASSIVE advantage in most situations. IDK about tanks and aircraft, but I'm sure similar situations exist: some nations have a "1" free deploy and others a "2"...

Related: Upon reflection? The "bug" about not being able to get a "free item" when the unit already has an item is actually a GOOD feature :lol: I kind of like that it won't let you pile up items so easily, puts some thought into it. But the free deploy error has to be fixed!
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