PvP Rate Scoring Broken

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PvP Rate Scoring Broken

Postby 5Cats » 01 Jun 2016, 16:28

Hi Guys!

I'm so sick of the weird PvP Rate scoring after a match, it makes no sense at all to me.

I fight a guy about the same rate as me and win? +6 or +7, maybe +8?
I lose to a guy about the same or higher? -8 or -9 almost every time, -7 if he's way above my Rate. Losing to a lower guy is -11 to -14 (bloody disconnections! Or really terrible luck, lolz!) This is without the "first 30 double score" of course.

But I (5Cats) just beat the #2 guy (ok, by disconnection, but it's off-season so no worries) and what did I get? +9
He's 950 Rate OVER Me and I get +9? That's all?

When 5_Boredcats was eating up the top-25 last week? At least I was getting +9 to +11 for those wins. Against #3, 4, 6 and 11 anyhow. +8 for most of the rest. Those were Rate differences far lower than 950, so what is going on? 5Cats has lower Rate then Bored does, he should get way more for that sort of win...

Are their other factors besides Rate going into the final +/- for a win/loss? It would be nice to know.
I haven't noticed anything at all: your final life, how many turns, position in ranking, none of that seem to change the Rate awarded...

Edit: 5Cats beat a guy with 2100+ Rate, I got +10. That's 300 higher than me... that's sort-of a reasonable number I guess? But it makes the numbers above look bad, eh?
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