New Behavior in PvP Battles

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Re: New Behavior in PvP Battles

Postby 5Cats » 25 May 2016, 16:00


So your idea is to speed up the matching by using Rank not Rate? That makes sense of course! It's just that it's not as slow as you think, it matches 200 +/- in only 10-15 seconds all the time, IF there's someone out there!
After 120 seconds (I repeat it, because it's important) one might as well exit and re-enter because it will take a long time if it finds anything at all. But re-entering can get a match quickly, some of the time!

The trouble is (gusgus & everyone) that NO one is out there because of the connection and disconnection problems.

When the Season starts up? There's lots of folks on, and all around 1000 Rate! The past 2 times I got a bunch of humans, mostly people I hadn't matched before. Not just newbies, some top-25 guys who I'd simply not met in battle yet.
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Re: New Behavior in PvP Battles

Postby FS_KZK » 25 May 2016, 16:03

There are people out there! If gusgus and I'm both in quee we don't face. I'm on 10 and gusgus on 1 but we can't face because the difference from 10 to 1 is to big...

Edit: we DONT face. Don't know if we can but I get an other, lower player than him before he gets his chance

Edit 2: the connection props are only on Kong and fb. All the mobile players work fine..
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