Platoon Messages Still vanishing

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Platoon Messages Still vanishing

Postby 5Cats » 29 Apr 2016, 15:48


Sorry to mention yet another bug, but it's kind of important!

We War Cats use the Platoon Chat a LOT! We're a talkative bunch, eh?

But having 2 accounts? I can see that some messages are simply not showing up every time. I've posted this before, and haven't seen it for a while, but this past week or more there have been several times it has happened. Those are just the ones I've noticed!

Another really minor bug is:
When I sign in? The 'past record' of Chat is shown in one of 3 ways:
- all the past 30 comments (give or take) Both white and green
- just the white comments
- just the green comments

The Gold Announcements (Legends!) and Raid Announcements (blank!) are usually only visible when the "both white and green" is displayed.

It seems quite random, and the number that appear at first is usually around 30, but can be in the 60s or 10s...

EDIT: :arrow: Oh, and can you please put the current Platoon Total on the main Platoon page? It's a pain in the butt to click weekly, wait to load, it doesn't load, click Global, click Weekly again & etc.
We don't need the top score at all: Overall standings. It's really meaningless and rarely changes. Put the current weekly total there! :idea: With the weekly ranking under it. Thx!
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