no decrease on order

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no decrease on order

Postby nsmvjher » 28 Apr 2016, 11:21

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IS HE cheating?
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Re: no decrease on order

Postby Assassin » 28 Apr 2016, 11:35

I assume you are mentioning he having 3 action points AFTER you played Dambusters, right?

It doesnt look good...however there are a few things that MAY have happened.
- He played Bombe earlier (3+1-1=3)
- He played something that made your units retreat (and Dambusters was from an earlier turn)
I didnt think it trough...better if you describe what happened...:) may be a bug...not a cheat...never saw that player so i cant help on that...
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Re: no decrease on order

Postby FS_KZK » 28 Apr 2016, 16:20

If he played bombe it would show 3/4
The Damm busters are played this turn. You see it at the attack...
Maybe an technical error. I sometimes saw that cards dont work like vasilli that dont destroy enemy units.
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Re: no decrease on order

Postby 5Cats » 28 Apr 2016, 18:51

Actually? After you play 1 AP with Bombe? The display shows 3/3 not 3/4. That's just normal for it, not even with Busters or Scorched involved. I think? I can check during raids & stuff soon.

But in this case, it might have been after Bombe so it shows 3/3 once the 1 AP was removed for Busters. I know it shows 2/2 and 1/1 when reduced, not 2/3 or 1/3 eh?

It also could be a bug, there's several that only pop-up when there are connection issues on FS's end, and yesterday there were a LOT of problems!

I doubt it's a hack or cheat, that would be so easy to detect eh? But it's good to mention these sorts of glitches here, solutions or explanations are possible.

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