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One Important Thing! One trivial

Postby 5Cats » 18 Apr 2016, 17:45

Hi Devs!

Important Thing:
A person in Global PvP Chat (I forget who) said that when the game freezes in PvP? One can un-freeze it by changing the "zoom level" in the display. Now IDK if this even works, or if it's specific to one device or another, but if it does work it sure would be a good thing to tell everyone!!
And it might work in Mission freezes, or Raid freezes too?

It would be great if a simple "temporary fix" were available!

Trivial Thing:
When facing an R-3 Zhukov in a raid? He failed to kill my R-3 109th Inf.
I know about the "artillery save" where if the Artillery behind the front unit kills off the Death-ability guy? The front unit isn't destroyed, but still takes damage from the attack.
In this case? R-1 Monty (5-4) was behind the 0-17 (with Gunto and Browning) 109th. Yeah that -5 then -8 really hurts... anyhow? They attacked the 8-9 Zhukov and made him 8-4... but the 109th did not die!
Not that it mattered, it was the last turn for me anyhow.
On the Russian turn 8-4 Zhukov did indeed kill the 0-15 R-3 109th, so IDK why it survived the time I attacked it. (it had 15 defence next turn, Gunto eh? It took 8 damage and healed to it's 15 base)

Just thought I'd mention!
I've seen lots of "saved by artillery" in the Russian Raids! And some where the artillery would have saved the unit, but the damage taken killed it anyhow... but this one is clearly a bug or flaw... even a 0-9 Zhukov should have destroyed the 0-17 109th, eh?
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