A Strange PvP Bug

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A Strange PvP Bug

Postby 5Cats » 16 Apr 2016, 05:27


Playing Edge, I had time trouble the turn before this: Played some units BUT dropped David down and before I could use his ability? The timer ran out! (With 2 AP still on it!! oops!) I had tried to play the flag on a Marine, (not on the Ramcke) but although the aiming circle was there? The turn continued and my Marines died.

As this was happening? All sorts of the purple boxes showed up around the board: my side, his side, spinning around as his turn played out.

Then this image:


Most of the purple things were gone, but not all. (arrow)

I tried to pick up a unit, it would not move! It made part of the "pick-up" motion an the sound, but refused to leave the holding box.
In desperation, I picked up an item: that worked! Then the units could be lifted and played too.

Edge (my worthy opponent) said he saw 2x Ramcke after that. The one I had played last turn, it died on my screen, and then the one I played this turn! They were both on the screen at the same time, he said.

I barely won... he got a dreadful draw & I managed to get enough damage done! Saved by Ramcke!
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Re: A Strange PvP Bug

Postby mtormo » 20 Apr 2016, 08:54

Hey 5Cats,

Thanks for the image and the explanation, we'll try to reproduce this issue itnernally to fix it for the next update.

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