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PvP Weirdness

Postby 5Cats » 29 Mar 2016, 05:40

Weird PvP with Edge, he says he is just as surprised as me!

#1 - Facing 3-4 Rangers? They attacked my 4-4 David... and I did not kill them! They promoted!

Then next turn:
- My r-2 Vasily died. IDK how or why. He had Browning, facing r-1 Patton, who survived unchanged at 4-8.
- His r-2 Rangers had their attack Zero'd, opposite no one. And his damaged r-2 Afrika faced my Montgomery...
- Next thing I know? Rangers are R-3, and so is Afrika! And R-1 Patton face an empty slot.

Edge said he played Elite Grosser... but they were not on the board. Afrika was injured a lot when my turn began, 13-3 iirc. (it had an item) but that makes no sense either...

Started around 11:00 PM local time. Edge says he has no idea why some of the things happened... that he's had very strange PvP encounters lately too.

I still won... just barely! Ramcke, Sakai :) and Edge had a poor draw... but there is just no way to lose that powerful Vasily AND have 2x units promote! That's 5 AP minimum.

Unless I mis-remember and Afrika was already R-3? And he played BE on Rangers and NoSB on Vasily? But I'm sure Afrika was only r-2... and he says he played Grosser to promote it... but no Grosser was on the board. :?

(Edit: It was late! Grosser may have promoted the Afrika, but not the Rangers! Lolz! It may have been Edge having some fun with me, saying that, eh?)

And how did the R-1 Rangers survive the David with equal attack to their defense? I was quite pleased with my smart play... until it failed!!

Unless Edge Zero'd David? No Flags were in play, and promotion would have made him R-3 at the end. No orders or units added to defense, Patton would have changed too! I mean it's possible a 'lower attack' (War Room) card was played when I wasn't looking but I don't recall it being in his deck... Exercise Tiger? Would only change Rangers not Patton, and the effect would be gone after self-promotion. But again, I don't recall seeing that in Edge's deck.

OR I should just pay closer attention... Lolz! And there may have been obvious answers. ;)
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