Just To Be Clear On PvP Bots AND Raids

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Just To Be Clear On PvP Bots AND Raids

Postby 5Cats » 21 Mar 2016, 16:44

Hi! Just to be super-clear on PvP Bots?

Is there a limit now? If so, what sort?

A total per day for all players? (not good!)
A total per day for each individual? (good!)
Or no limits, just randomness (like it has been for a while).

If there is a limit, what is it? so we can 'farm' accordingly :D


I approve of limiting the number of bots a player can face in one day, but if it's a daily total for everyone? That just rewards the "endless farmers" even more, eh? Since they'll chew them all up & late-day players would get none...

Edit: And Raid Rewards!
There is a chance of a "Special Card" available only in the Expert Raids, yes? Atlantic Wall says "Raid Reward" but are the chances the same for all levels or better for Expert? It is Team only of course.

Also Raid Rings? Each Raid has one, but are the chances greater for one level over another? More chance of Easy Ring (for example) than an Expert one?

And Reward Paks? Does the Expert have a higher chance of a better Pak? Last week I got 2x Enlisted in one account, and Enlisted & General in the other! So some randomness is involved, eh? Both were part of the same 2x team raids. Does damage done affect the odds? Solo are all Enlisted, but the 4 Team Raids show a selection... again are the odds the same for all 4 difficulties?

Because... War Cats are curious creatures! :) Thanks!
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Re: Just To Be Clear On PvP Bots AND Raids

Postby nAFAI » 22 Mar 2016, 12:43

There has always been a cap, but we have twinked the number during time, we always mentioned that bots are not farmable and that's how we deal with that, you will not be able to play against bots after certain number of matches against them Per day.

The same number applies for all individual players of course. The number is hidden but between 5 an 10.

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