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Reward On Mission Bug

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2016, 19:17
by 5Cats
Collecting a mission reward, got this:

It just pings. Other guys (irishdrinker) said it has happened to them also.

I've had it happen once or twice? But it managed to re-connect those times.

IDK if I got the 2nd Guards (I hope so! Can use it!) But every Pak counts! Gotta find those Rare & under cards to craft!

Seems like I got it, I had to refresh. Hope you guys can send me a lowly Enlisted pak! Thanks!

ALSO: I swear the card distribution is broken! I've gotten TONS of useless Rare & Uncommons, and almost NONE of the few I'm looking for. In either account! I've complained before, but it bears repeating!

I started with 2-3 of everything, and found a few 1st Marines and Grosserdeutchland early on... nice!
But since then? Very few craftable cards, but tons of non-craft or junk ones!

Literally: (in both accounts combined) 2x 2nd Marines (Uncommon) total! and literally 10-15 each of those 4-6 useless Uncommons. The ones that don't craft! How can I get 15 of one card and only 2 of another? I could use the 2nd Marines, dang it!

Honestly: +17x Yak-1 and +15x 1st Guards are found, neither can be crafted. +2 (total!) 2nd Marines, just how?
+8x Blitz order, +13x Commissars, that's all in addition to the 4 I had to start of course... can't craft them either!

Same for a lot of others. It's not like I'm searching for ONE only! There's 6-10 candidates! But all I get are cards for the 6-10 utterly useless ones. :evil: Rares? Piles of orders & items that don't craft at all, literally 5-6 total (both accounts added!) of ones I want (1st and Grosser).
It's not random, it's beyond chance! It's a bug.

Re: Reward On Mission Bug

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 15:59
by nAFAI
Hey 5Cats,

I can understand your frustration, but I am sorry we are not going to get pointed with that again... it just feels bad to be accussed on doing that kind of things which I myself consider very low for any company to do, our random is 100% random and we have never and we will never ever modify it's values to get profit, that goes 100% against of any TCG experience and we love TCGs...

Not to sound rough or angry but it just feels bad having to ready this kind of messages specially when we are but a small company that the last thing we would want was to try to rip off our hard obtained playerbase...

Nevertheless much <3!

PS: As for the claiming issues, it's related to the connectivity issues we are having this days... we are looking into it still and hope to find a solution during the next days.


Re: Reward On Mission Bug

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 18:03
by 5Cats
Oh! My bad! I wasn't accusing you guys of altering the distribution! I just think it's broken...

I got (5Cats) Some Russian Uncommons and Rare in packs today, I'm trying to build a Russian Elite deck, some success so far! But in the past 2 days I've gotten: Enemy At The Gates (#6), Commissar (#8), Rocket Launcher (#9), SVT-40 (#7), Breastplate (#7), another Pe-2 (#9), T-60 (#7) ZSU-37 (#6) and 13th Guards (the 2-10, #5) and 1-2 other bad ones also.

I also got a couple of craftable Russian cards, but out of all those packs? How many are simply un-craftable? (And one's not worth it) yet I got a bunch of them! The one's I'm seeking? Not so many. Slowly though! Just waiting for 3-4 more to show up...

(I was grinding Hard S-Grad for Russian Paks & bought 15+ Officers, on top of all the ones for rewards and other Missions...)

5_Boredcats has worse luck looking for Germans or Americans (I just got other nations today in the 3 free paks, no big deal!) In 2-3 weeks? Of 3 cards I'm searching for? I've found 1. Again: Just 2x Rare and an Uncommon, and I've bought all those Paks and gotten all those rewards... mostly getting cards that are simply un-craftable (or useless). Again: I've found some 'secondary' cards I've been looking for too, but the main 3? None in 2 weeks, in all those Packs.

Bored can't find an American Medal either! Lolz! That's just bad luck not a broken system. 5Cats can't find Capitulation... that's just how it goes, I know!

Again: Bored also bought 15+ Officer Paks (just looking for Rare and Uncommons!) and lots of others for Rewards and such... just the same bad cards over and over!

I'll stop whining about it now! :roll: I don't mean to suggest it's rigged, I'm sure it isn't! But the odds seem heavily in favour of 1 or 2 of the cards I really want showing up out of ALL those packs! I think it's broken :( But of course it probably isn't...

I'll send cheerful messages when I find a bunch of good stuff! Lolz!

Re: Reward On Mission Bug

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2016, 18:08
by 5Cats
Short Version:

I'm looking for a lot of cards in both accounts. I don't get them in either one! But the same useless & uncraftable ones? I get tons of them.

I do not think you guys 'rigged it'! Sorry if it sounds like I suggested that.

I do think it's broken? Or is my luck really that bad? Hopefully it will turn around soon then, and I'll get those precious 1st & 2nd Marines and another 5x Grosserdeutchland ( found 4 total so far, since the Patch, all early! Zero lately) so I can finally build a real Factional deck!

Re: Reward On Mission Bug (fixed!)

PostPosted: 21 Mar 2016, 16:50
by 5Cats
Got the reward pak, thanks!

And... it had a Grosserdeutchland! Lolz! The wrong account, Bored really is desperate for that one, but hey! They exist! I got 2 lately, I'm happy about that. Both for 5Cats, not Bored, but still happy!

Now where are the elusive 2nd marines... they're just uncommon!