Frozen PvP March 10

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Frozen PvP March 10

Postby 5Cats » 10 Mar 2016, 19:30


They other player surrendered so fast! I was clicking on his Icon to see his stats when he surrendered. The Victory pop-up came, and then my own Platoon's page came up. When I exited that? The game was frozen:

I sure hope I didn't get a loss for this!! Will update when I return to finish raiding...

Update: Phew! Not a loss! Thank goodness...

And unrelated: the "Platoon Chat messages not always showing up" problem continues, there's been 1-2 of these every day for the past few days now. Someone says they can't see a message there, eh? I did post it already, with a screenshot of a missing message too... just saying it happened a little while ago, I think.
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