Bazooka glitch

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Bazooka glitch

Postby Juice » 09 Mar 2016, 03:51

I had a R-3 Ramcke with bazooka facing a R-1 Matilda II and it was the opponent's turn. The Matilda advanced and he played Monty behind it. When the combat resolved, I had expected the bazooka to destroy the Matilda, but it didn't. Both Matilda and Monty remained. Is this because the attack from the back rank threw off the logic of the bazooka destroying a tank of the same rank or lower? My unit was protected by Flag Raising at the time, if that matters.
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Re: Bazooka glitch

Postby 5Cats » 09 Mar 2016, 06:31

Hi Juicey!

YES! If 'artillery' (Monty in this case) can kill the target? It prevents the special attack. The arty's attack number must be (I hope!) higher than the target defense in order to prevent it.

Thus if Zhukov (in Raids) is facing an equal Rank of your units, with an artillery strong enough to kill him behind your guy? Your unit in front will take damage, but not be hit by the Special Attack. Of course the damage can still kill him...

However! If you were Flagged? Then for sure (I think) the Special Attack should have hit the Matilda. That for sure is a bug.

So complicated! Lolz! Nice find, eh?
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