Three Things: Pretty Minor

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Three Things: Pretty Minor

Postby 5Cats » 06 Mar 2016, 18:29

#1: The Raids page? Often it shows only the Solo raid, have to go back & re-enter to see the Team Raid.

Sometimes opening the Raid only shows new, un-damaged Raids, even if there was damage done. Closing that menu and re-opening usually brings the right one back.

#2: I (5_boredcats) lost to GusGus78, he does have a fairly low Rate, but I lost -22 Rate even though it was Match #32.
I then lost to Wolf, whose Rate is stupid-high, only lost -8 :roll: Yay?

In both matches, I had simply dreadful draws! Dammit! I suspect they hacked my deck!! (Just joking, of course)

#3: I cannot find useful cards for crafting, not for 2 weeks solid. Looking for 6-10 different Rare & under cards? Cannot get any of them, what are the odds?
I get tons of copies of the same few cards though! In both accounts! Pe-2, Jackson, Sherman with Slow, other useless ones. Found +11 Yak-1, I cannot even craft them if I wanted to!

There's a BUNCH of cards I'd be happy to see, but nope! Not one single 2nd Marines in weeks! Not one 1st Marines, exactly 1x Grosserdeutchland, it's beyond reason.

I bought 20x Officer paks at once, 3 semi-useful cards, Uncommon, only one of them on my hope-list. That's 100 cards! 19 Rares, 1 Epic and zero Legends. I was only hoping for 1-2 useful Rares, since the chance of a Legend was slim of course... found no useful ones.

And I've gotten tons of other packs in 2 weeks too: nothing. Next to nothing anyhow.
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